Curtis Axel Discusses Criticism Of Mic Work, WWE Comic Artwork

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Curtis Axel Discusses Critics

The Phoenix New Times has a new article online featuring quotes from WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel. In it, he addresses criticism of his mic work:

I don't know where that comes from. I just never really have a chance to talk. Now that I'm shown more on TV, I'll have more of an opportunity. People say what they want just from one little rumor, so I don't pay attention to any of that crap, what people say about me. I just do my thing and I know what I can do and I do well, and I don't let that stuff worry me.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

Richard Reacts: I have urged readers to be patient with Curtis Axel. I see a lot of potential with him and I'm not backing off that claim, however, it was evident with the run-in at Money in the Bank he is not over at the level WWE officials had hoped.

WWE Comic Artwork

We noted here on, citing a report by, that Papercutz will publish two WWE-related comic series. You can view the artwork at this link.

  • Shashank Bhandari

    Why is it evident that he is not over? o.O

    • Carlos

      Or how was it evident he’s not over?

      • It was evident when the crowd had no reaction to what was planned as a major spot when Axel interfered with Punk at the PPV. Hot crowd, obviously knowing who Axel is, not reacting is not a good sign.

        • CurtisNOTaxel

          I guess booking a guy to win his first few matches via DQ and count outs don’t work. I think he needs to give ppl a reason to hate him. Low blows, steel chair, grabbing hair, grabbing tights, insult the fans something. He just doesn’t do much of anything other than have average matches.

          • IlyasG

            You may be right but look around the roster. Sadly there are very few gimmicks that currently adopt the textbook definition of a heel nowadays (i.e. through the dirty tactics that you cited). People are so desperately looking for “political correctness” that any action or segment may be deemed offensive, and I’m confident that it hurts his chances considerably.

  • NeronWillRise

    They should’ve kept him quiet. Also, more impact, less DQ shit. He would’ve gotten over then.

  • Kenneth

    He’s not over enough?

    The dude’s been on tv for a cup of coffee. People expect too much too soon these days.