Daffney Says She Was In A Serious Car Accident On Monday

Former TNA Knockout Daffney wrote on Facebook she was in a serious car accident on Monday. Below is an excerpt from her Facebook post:

Monday night I was in a car accident. I was driving along I-4 and I hydroplaned at 70 mph, went off the road, and my car flipped. I landed upside-down in 3 feet of water. I was able to climb out of the passenger side and waded to safety. Luckily someone saw and stopped to help. It took 2 1/2 hours to tow my car out as it was wedged deep in the ditch in the woods.

Thank God I had my seatbelt on. If I hadn't I'm sure my injuries would have been much worse...if not fatal. I want to emphasize to all my Daffanatics to please remember to buckle up.

Click here to read the post in its entirety.

  • A.J.

    What in the world is a daffanatic?

    • Ken

      I would take a wild guess, and this is just a wild guess, mind, but I would take a wild guess that the word 'Daffanatic' is a portmanteau of the name 'Daffney' and the word 'fanatic', and refers to fans, a word that derives from fanatic, of Daffney.

      Daffney + fanatic = Daffanatic.

      It flows more easily than Cenation, considering that Cena is pronounced See-nah, and Cenation is pronounced See-nay-shion.

      • GetTheFBack

        That is wild!! Mind=Blown, remember when Kane called his fans kenenites?

        • GetTheFBack

          Damn, I didn’t think my first comment worked.. How embarrassing

        • Kevin

          What about the time that Stacy Kiebler was the manager of Test, and started calling his fans Testicles?

      • GetTheFBack

        That is pretty wild bro, remember when Kane called his fans kenenites? That was his careers finest moment

      • hurrigame

        And while Daffanatic means nothing, Cenation actually means the act of eating dinner. Essentially, I’d venture to say that, while Daffney is doing some good in urging her followers to do something positive, John Boy is inadvertently contributing to overeating…or so his Never Give Up Cenation shirts lead me to believe.

    • SRP

      A fanatic Daffney enthusiast.

  • ObsessionOfVanity

    I’m a Daffanatic! Christ, she was the hottest chick in TNA until she finally left.