Daffney Settles Lawsuit With TNA Wrestling

Shannon "Daffney" Spruill settled her lawsuit against TNA Wrestling in a mediation session last Friday. The lawsuit was based on injuries she sustained at Bound for Glory 2009 (with medical bills over $26,000) and the challenging of her "independent contractor" status. Spruill wrote the following on Twitter:

I'd like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all the love and support over the past two years. I appreciate so much that you recognize the HUGE injustice that is being done to Professional Wrestlers throughout the industry. I hope my case has opened up a few blind eyes and maybe now we, the wrestlers who put our bodies on the line every time we step in the ring, are one step closer to being provided with medical coverage and all the benefits that go along with being a true employee and not an independent contractor.

Mikey Johnson has all of the boring legal details at this link.

  • Venom

    Wow “Mikey” Johnson eh?

  • soulfool

    She got a point though…Pro Wrestler’s and other employee’s need to be furnished w/ health care !!!

  • _JIM_

    There are plenty of other jobs out there where people work as independant contractors, and they aren’t given medical insurance either. I worked as a cable installer for a short time and was an independant contractor in that job. When you work a job like that, especially if you plan on making it your career like these wrestlers are doing, you have to be smart enough of a person to purchase yourself medical insurance. You aren’t just given medical from any job. You pay for it out of each check. So just like an independant contractor has to sit aside money for their income taxes they should be paying medical insurance premiums every month. What kind of moron works a job where your body takes that kind of abuse, and where the risk of injury is so high, without taking the initiative to get themselves some sort of medical coverage? So just because Daffney was irresponsible TNA somehow owes her something? Having a bit of common sense goes a long way in life, and making sure you have medical insurance when you work a job like that has an extremely high reading on the common sense meter. Yes it sucks that she got injured, but it’s her own fault that she wasn’t properly insured. When you are an independant contractor that just comes with the territory, and I’m quite sure she was well aware of that but chose not to do something to insure herself.

    • BlazeKing

      “I worked as a cable installer for a short time and was an independant contractor in that job.”

      Very bad example. I worked for Verizon & Comcast before. Both of them had installers with employee status. Comcast is the only one of those two that hires independent contractors to offload some work from their full-time employees.