Damien Sandow Loses Title Match After "Cashing In" MITB Contract

Damien Sandow "cashed in" his Money in the Bank briefcase on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw for a match for the World Heavyweight Championship against John Cena. Sandow beat Cena up before the match but ended up losing in a bout that went nearly 14 minutes.

Sandow, who won the contract at the pay-per-view in July, becomes only the second person to not win the title after "cashing in." Ironically enough, John Cena was the first last year.

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  • Whammaster

    Why … Just why. It made Sandow look great, cuz he worked really well with Cena, but whats the pay off? He gets to be a statistic of one of the rare few that actually loses when he has a massive advantage over the champ. Logically, Sandow could not beat a Cena that suffered a beatdown with the Breifcase, and Steel Chair, as well as a brutal match againts ADR the previous night.

    If the IWC wasn’t complaining about “Super Cena” it sure has to be right now, cuz this is one of the biggest cases of it since Cena beat clearly a more aggressive and more brutal Umaga.

  • David F.

    Sandow and Cena had great chemistry tonight and I would rather see Sandow v Cena at SS then Del Rio v Cena. Del Rio is so boring and shows no personality. Sandow still needs to evolve his character and develop a stronger finisher. Im rooting for Sandow to be a main event player. Sandow > Del Rio

    • Kian Geronimo

      I don’t quite agree well, the reason why Sandow and Cena’s match had been a great fight is because all odds is stack against Cena. Sandow is cashing in his money in the bank against Cena who had an injury and had been in a grueling match against Del Rio on Hell in a Cell. and even before that Sandow suckered Cena and beat him before the match that’s why the fans think Cena wouldn’t win but he did anyway.and didn’t you watch Hell in a Cell Del Rio vs Cena was actually a great match.Del Rio’s cross-arm breaker is a good submission move against Cena’s injury.

  • Nathen

    That is complete BS. Sandow, a still yet to be established wrestler, loses his Money in the Bank contract match to Cena, who is FULLY established, so Cena can ‘defy the odds’ again. You don’t feed wrestlers who haven’t been established to established wrestlers just to give them a bigger boost, not if you are thinking long term.

    • Avalanchian

      Sandow hasn’t exactly been a beast for the most part in getting wins the last couple of months. Having him feud with Cena actually makes him a stronger character and even a stronger heel. Sandow will get his spotlight soon enough. Giving him the belt after he really hasn’t done much of late would mean his push would probably end up short and getting replaced fast.

  • jdl

    Am I the only one who noticed the clear gap in logic? Every time the contract has been cashed in one who has had the piss beat out of them no doctor ran in to make sure they were up for the match, they were never given a chance to recover. This was basically an exercise in making Cena look like superman and Sandow like a putz.

    • James Larochelle

      I had the same problem. As soon as the docs stepped in and gave Cena a chance to recover, Sandow should have said, “forget it!” Everyone else is allowed to cash in on the champ when he’s at his weakest…why did Sandow have to give the champ a breather? Sure, it was a great match, but the Money in the Bank contract has never been about having a good match, it’s been about opportunistic title changes.

  • Venom

    While I’ve criticised Cena in the past I was all for him in reestablishing the world heavyweight championship and didn’t mind him defending it for a few months even until wrestlemania if they wanted. As long as they don’t stick him in the main event.

    When sandow cashed I thought cena was was a transitional champion cuz they wanted sandow to beat a face. They really had an oppurtunity to make a new star tonight and add prestige to the WHC by possibly having cena chase and care for the belt.

    What they did was make a future star lose clean to a one armed wrestler who literally tweaked his knee before the finish!

  • Tony Rankin

    The way Cena was booked tonight, he was more Dr. Manhattan than Superman. Seriously this guy is booked invincible. Vince must have deliberately been trying to piss off the IWC and reminding us why we Cenanuff in case we forgot while Cena was gone. (Champion AGAIN, Defying the odds AGAIN, Pretty sure hes gonna cut promos at the beginning of every show AGAIN) He even had the damn announcers putting him over as the “real life Superman”, clearly referencing the IWC calling him Super Cena. Well played Vince. PS. Great job with Ziggler.

  • DR

    Well, from my standpoint, I think that Sandow was due to win sometime before the new year… BUT since they absolutely needed Cena for ratings and had to have him back at Hell in a Cell (much earlier than aniticipated), there was probably not a very good way to write Sandow in for a win against Cena.

    That… AND it kinda seems like the planned out (at least in my mind) route this was going to take was clearly not going to work out… i.e. Sandow wins, Cody Rhodes challenges & wins. Unfortunately for Sandow, Cody got involved with the Authority angle, Goldust and the tag team championship titles.

    However, who knows… maybe Sandow is genius enough where he’ll be able to reclaim the MITB suitcase through some sort of loophole… probably not… but fun to consider it.

    • pjm5203

      He could say the briefcase he handed in wasn’t the real briefcase.

      • Mike Love

        That could be something that Sandow could pull off…he could create a replica; I can see now the night after he totally rips the “ignorant masses” a new one hahaha.

  • Malboja

    I officially give up …
    I quit .
    I’m not watching wwe anymore .
    Taker is gone 🙁
    Cena dominates everything unbelievably 🙁
    I mean I can understand when a young lesner dominated because the guy is part cow or something , normal humans don’t grow like that but really , cena , 1,000,000 time champion 🙁 it has ruined it for me and I have been a fan for 25 years
    From now I think I will stick to ring of honor
    Goodbye wwe
    I’ll miss the good times we had together

  • DL1991

    I’m normally one of the most anti Cena fans ever. But I’m not too annoyed by this. I personally think wwe knew sandow was the wrong person to give money in the bank. He’s a good worker but not a world champ, and I’d rather have super cena starting raw’s as world champ, than wwe champ main eventing every week.

  • If you’re a fan, you’re a mark

    Is there some heat against Sandow backstage? Over the past couple of months Sandow has been losing to everyone and their dog pretty much and now has the dubious distinction of being the second person to lose after cashing in. Unfortunately for him he’s not established enough to recover from it like Cena was…I hope I’m wrong, but I see Sandow going the route of Ziggler now sadly.

  • Richard

    I’m glad he didn’t win it. This is the same guy named idol Stevens who threaten to go TNA when he didn’t redebut on raw a couple years ago. Like McIntyre, this guy is boring

  • Kris Mystery

    The Cena “haters” are incredibly excited to see him back. Gives them something to b**ch about again.

  • Winnipeg

    Wait, didn’t John cash in twice & gave a weeks heads up both times?

    • Jesse Sherwood

      No, Cena has cashed in once and announced it a week in advance. RVD is the other one who announced his cash in in advance, ironically on Cena.

  • Charles

    The one armed AA is a new low when it comes to weak finishing moves.
    Couldn’t Cena pay tribute to JBL and do a “Clothesline from Hell” or something?
    Awesome match but that finish was LAAAAAAAME.