Damien Sandow In, RVD Out Of IC Title Battle Royal At Battleground

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There was an apparent last-minute change of plans to the 20-man Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal at WWE Battleground. Damien Sandow, dressed as a "beach bum," was included, when he was previously pulled and Rob Van Dam was noticeably absent.

It should be noted that Fandango was pulled as he was scripted into a Kickoff match earlier in the night against Adam Rose.

RVD seemed to indicate something was up earlier on Sunday on Twitter. He Tweeted the following:

I know RVD's latest short-term WWE contract was coming up but do not have further details on his exclusion as of press time.

  • kurt

    What is going on with mcmahon doing these last minute flip the script deals? Is it a rib and slap in the face of triple h and Stephanie or what? If van dam’s contract is about up, why even put him on the card since he is a risk factor? Does mcmahon think rose/fanango would be a bust? He had steph throw up on Vickie and have a bull costume tail ripped off a midget and pretend it hurt. Obviously he doesn’t care about skits being a bust. I think mcmahon is becoming a child in his old age. Being the bully with a football who changes the rules at will because he owns the ball and will go home with it if people don’t take his b.s.does he not remember what happened to Verne Gagne? About the same age Verne’s stubbornness cost him the AWA. Not saying mcmahon and the wwe are in any where near the shape the AWA was in, far from it, but the wwe has always prided themselves on being the sharpest product in the world of wrestling. The backstage tension is showing up on tv . How many blown spots where there…bray screwed up a move on Jericho, sheamus almost got injured in a blown spot with Kingston, etc. Many blown moves. I think the wrestlers are very distracted by what’s happening behind the scenes. McMahon and his tantrums aren’t helping the issues. His magic is gone. Spend time with the grandkids more. Your too old and in poor health to be at the level of a workaholic.

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