Damien Sandow Talks About The Locker Room Reaction To His Stunt Double Gimmick

The former Damien Sandow (later known as Aron Rex in Impact Wrestling) sat down with X-Pac for an episode of his podcast. They talked about a number of subjects like Rip Rogers inspiring his original character of the "intellectual saviour of the masses" to his future in wrestling, which Sandow is still not 100% certain of at this time. The most interesting part of the interview was his recounting of the locker room reaction to his stunt double gimmick. Of note, Tyson Kidd remarked at the time that Sandow putting the figure four on an invisible man at the same time as The Miz put the move on his own opponent was the greatest thing ever. Vince McMahon even loved the gimmick and said he'd just tell him to reel it in when it got too over-the-top.


  • Gary Robert

    One of the most entertaining gimmicks in a very long time. Just another example of how WWE creative completely blew it when it came to him. He was red hot and they botched it.

  • Stoney

    He got over with the gimmick, and got taken off TV for a year for no reason.

    • Avalanchian

      They dragged the breakup of him and Miz too long and when the match finally happened the crowd was dead for the match. That led to him getting buried.

  • Dan

    Another talent wasted talent courtesy of WWE creative. Mizdow was so entertaining and when allowed he had good “mike” skills as well.