Damien Sandow Wins Money In The Bank, Rhodes Busted Open

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Damien Sandow won the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank ladder match, assuring him a title shot within 365 days.

During the match, Sandow's partner, Cody Rhodes was legitimately busted open. He received medical attention in the ring immediately following the bout.

  • michael

    So Sandow will now be mobbed even more than usual for the next months coming, only to cash and win the championship. I’m all for it but don’t have me rolling my eyes on the way there.

  • Dr. Zaius

    “You’re Welcome!”

    And about time, too. Couldn’t have picked a more deserving winner after his months of being pointlessly buried.

    Not a moment too soon for Damien Sandow to get the push he deserves!!

  • James

    Barrett should of won! He’s more entertaining and better on the mic. Plus, his character is also more believable and more fitting as a World Champion. Damien Sandows character is nothing more than a ripoff of the Genius(on steroids).

    Also, Barrett got a bigger pop than Sandow.

    • Intellectual Savior

      Better on the mic?

      “Thank you for your irrelevant opinion.”

      • James

        Your Welcome 🙂 Anytime sweetie

    • Robert Olley

      i would have prefered barrett to win mostly because i’m english lol but sandow is more talented in ring and on mic plus everyone seems to love him backstage

  • Andrew ace

    Cody should have won he’s never in the ring then every guy in that match. Them comes Ambrose then Barrett