Dana Warrior Shoots On Hulk Hogan, Asks Him To Stop

Hulk Hogan discussed his final encounter with Ultimate Warrior on Grantland.com's "SummerSlam Spectacular" edition of their Cheap Heat Podcast. You can listen at this link or embedded in the video below:

Warrior's widow, Dana, was not happy about it. She issued the following statement through Facebook:

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  • James

    She’s dead on that’s all he’s EVER cared about. That’s why to me, while he is a legend, he’s not the best ever in the industry and is just another founding father who helped the real greats.

    • Jim Evans

      James—Hogan was far from being the best ever, and he was a lousy wrestler begging for cheers.

  • jdl

    She did not “shoot” on Hogan, she released a statement requesting that he stop being a ***** and keep his blowhard mouth shut. She’s not a wrestler, she’s not a manager, her only connection to the industry was through her late husband. I don’t tell a coworker that they’re being an idiot then call it a shoot, normal people do not “shoot” on things.

    • Kurt Luttrell

      Have to agree. Those involved with wrestling in some manner “shoot”, but his widow isn’t involved with wrestling at all. Closest she came was appearing at the hall of fame in the audience. She happened to have been married to a wrestler. She flat out just told hogan to stfu, but nicely. Sad thing is that because of hogan and his mouth, a widow had to ask him that. Should come natural but I guess to an egomaniac of hogan level, humanity isn’t easily attained.

    • Moose

      I felt like her “shoot” was tastefully done. She was simply being a real person confronting a real problem. Nothing in her statement made me feel like she was doing it for attention, but simply asking for that kind of commentary to cease.

  • Bryan N.

    I feel for her. There’s still a lot of pain there and rightfully so, she lost her husband and the daughters lost a very loving father. The fact he didn’t even bother to call them or send his regards is really low on his part. I know Hogan can be a self-serving jerk, but thats a new level of low.

    • Jim Evans

      Bryan N. —Hogan has always been a self serving jerk.

  • illdecide

    If Hogan wants to be an attention whore, go star in Legends House Season 2. Otherwise he should quit inserting himself into every single wrestling situation.

  • David F

    Hopefully Trips or Vince also tells Hogan to stop bashing Warrior

  • Kurt Luttrell

    I saw how low hogan will stoop when he was in wcw. Money and power hungry doesn’t cut it with him. Jerk actually scheduled his vacations around the NBA playoffs just so he could take all the credit for the rating going down at the beginning of the okay offs and rebounding once they finished. Problem was, one year they ended shockingly quickly and he was still on vacation, and the rating rebounded without him there, showing him for the liar he is. Whoops. I feel bischoff giving him so much control was a big part of why wcw failed at the end. Just couldn’t stop hogging the limelight and booking himself as the top guy when he could barely move. Went to tna and cost them dearly also. Helped ruin it. Then Dixie pulled a bischoff and gave him too much power and share of the limelight. Now he is welcomed back into the wwe as almost a god. You think your problems are bad enough now mcmahon? Don’t give him anymore than a contract promoting the wwe network or else he will bring the wwe down also. Piece of crap.

    • Jim Evans

      kurt Luttrell—-Remember the TV show ” Hogan Knows Best ” ? Well he didn’t .

      • Kurt Luttrell

        You nailed it bro 🙂

  • Jim Evans

    All Hogan wants to do is keep the spotlight on himself just like he always does.

  • Tom Lee

    So we should agreed with brock : ” party is over , grandpa “…..

  • I guess I’m missing the offensive part. What did he say that was wrong? Serious question, no trolling.

    • Brandon Warner

      It’s not what he said, it’s the insincerity. That apology he gave to Warrior was in front of cameras and if you’ve seen it I don’t even think Warrior believed it.

  • Paul

    Just waiting for Hogan to log on to twitter, post a message saying “No time for negatively brother! I’m all about positivity!” Then follow up with another message calling Dana a mark. Then after that he will probably delete his tweets

  • Tom Mayer

    I am far from a Hogan fan, and i’m well aware of his need for attention. I am willing to stop short to give him the benefit of the doubt here though. Hogan has been through a lot of crap over the years himself, so it stands to reason that he’d want to let go of the animosity between them. Same with Warrior, if he could do it with Vince and the company, he can do it with Hogan. Life is far too short to be holding on to and living with this sort of thing.

    That being said, there is always the chance that the negativity surrounding Hogan rubbed off of Warrior to his wife. His wife is going through a tough time and it stands to reason that she would take a little more convincing from Hogan giving that him being a jerk is all she’s really known of him.

  • outkazt09

    Being wanting to get this off my chest for a while. I have NO IDEA how any human can like/cheer Hogan. The guy is the epitome of scum. Forget backstage politics, this guy wanted to make a show based on his kid being in jail from the car accident Nick was in. What sickens me is, that basically he was gonna make a show from the end result of what happened. Nick’s “friend” is a vegetable for life. Phone recordings got out of Hogan and Nick’s conversation of them both blaming Nick’s “friend” for what had happened. Stating that he was a bad kid and it was karma’s way of paying him back. Pitching a show based on this is disgusting and the lowest form of any life.