Dana White Claims Brock Lesnar Nearly Returned To UFC For Super Fight

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UFC president Dana White is making headlines on wrestling websites after claiming that Brock Lesnar nearly returned to fight Fedor Emelianenko at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The MMA world speculates this is what Lesnar's "meeting" with White was about when Lesnar showed up at UFC 146 in May.

I'd love to play along here, but I'm not. Check the links below to catchup on what happened in May regarding Lesnar, WWE, Vince McMahon, UFC and Dana White:

More Details On Brock Lesnar’s Meeting With Dana White Regarding A UFC “Return” Last Saturday; Why The Meeting Wasn’t Completely Bogus & There Was A Slim Chance That He Would Take Another Fight With WWE’s Blessing, What Paul Heyman Pitched To Vince McMahon

Full Details On Brock Lesnar Meeting With Dana White Backstage At UFC 146 – Is Lesnar Really Leaving WWE To Return To The UFC Or Did He & Vince McMahon Work Dana White In An Angle That Has Grown To Massive Proportions?

Only in pro wrestling.

  • Pluto

    I’m calling BS on this. Fedor wasn’t even close too signing a contract with UFC last year. And Lesnar was under contract with the WWE. Dana just doesn’t want too admit that he got worked by McMahon/Lesnar after that whole backstage angle were Lesnar threatend too quit. And besides, there isn’t any interest too see Lesnar/Fedor anymore anyway, both of those guys’ stock has fallen off big time within the MMA world after Lesnar got destroyed by Velasquez & Overeem and with Fedor losing 3 in a row too Werdum, Antonio Silva & Dan Henderson. Lesnar/Fedor was a must see in 08-09, in 2012 nobody would of cared.

    • THIS x 100000000. Dana doesn’t want to admit he got worked so he tells everyone that will listen that he and Brock had a legitimate meeting. It’s unbelievable that other than us, no one did any digging in regards to the “meeting” between Dana and Brock. McMahon signed Lesnar to a 7-figure deal, you think he was going to break that for a fight? No way!

  • Dan

    RIchard, you clearly know nothing about MMA. There actually were negotiations. Not to the extent of what White is claiming, but there were preliminary talks to get a deal done. THe exposure would have surged Lesnar’s popularity and gave McMahon even more exposure of Lesnar without having to burn through Lesnar’s limited dates. People would still keep his name on their tip of their tongues instead of forgetting about him after the whole HHH feud. More exposure, sell the beast image some more and do it at the expense of UFC, without having to use up contracted dates and waster WWE’s time. And for the UFC, it would have been quick cash in their pocket as an easy PPV sell.

  • John

    Personally I don’t believe the UFC were close to putting together that fight between Brock & Fedor, however I don’t believe your report either regarding the list of names presented to Dana White. UFC would take Brock back in a heartbeat regardless of opponent. He was a huge draw for the promotion & even a return bout against someone like Ben Rothwell or Gabriel Gonzaga would sell well.

    The whole idea that the Vince McMahon worked Dana White is just pro wrestling tryin to massage it’s ego! It didn’t happen.

  • and this is where the fans are so much smarter than wwe and ufc, and shows how both think we are so thick