Dana White Discusses The Retirement Of Brock Lesnar

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Embedded in the video below is the post-fight press conference from UFC 141 where UFC president Dana White discusses the retirement of Brock Lesnar.

In his comments, White clarifies when a fighter retires they retire from their contract. He was asked if Lesnar's contract would make it possible for him to wrestle again upon which point White said they'd "figure it out."

  • Paul

    Very interesting, would this potentially lead to Brock lesnar wwe return in the future?

  • Matt K

    Brock Vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania

  • John

    Dana White would still have to give permission for Brock to go to the WWE. He might be retiring from competing but he's still a UFC employee until his contract is up or the UFC rip it up.

  • Msuth

    I don’t get the hype? Brock’s a power house not a wrestler!

  • lbp365

    First of all to me its all a set up shane works for Dana talk them into making a new power house for UFC which at the same time have Brock for wrestle-mania and the UFC could come to the WWE network can we save UFC going wrestling.

  • Ryan

    First of all under the LVAC and the ufc all parties must comply with the well being of all fighters. Lesnar was retiring weeks ago before the overeem fight due to his internal organs having enough of being assaulted. He underwent surgery after the Velasquez fight to aid swollen intestines but was cleared to fight 6 months later v overeem. Even with a return to wwe his guts will still be affected either from body slams or the heavy training. Lesnar is unfortunately over and will not make a return. Secondly if a fighter retires his fighting contract is now null and void. He could go make a team lesnar but still he would have to train like the rest resulting in endless surgeries. The ufc will not allow that as it’s in their best interest to maintain 100% safety of their fighters