Dana White - "I Have No Idea If Brock Is Wrestling But If He Is, Good For Him. He Is Able To Do It."

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UFC President Dana White was asked about Brock Lesnar and rumors regarding his possible involvement at tonight's Wrestlemania XXVIII pay-per-view. White wrote the following on Twitter:

"I have no idea if Brock is wrestling but if he is, good for him. He is able to do it."

You can read more about Brock Lesnar and WWE at the following links:

  • SimUmp

    Dana white could care less about WWE anyway. UFC is so much superior than WWE in every aspect. PPV buys, tv ratings, merchandise sales, live gate, you name it. No one has cared about WWE since UFC has risen to the top. They’re lucky that UFC didn’t have a PPV last night, like WM 26! LOL!

    • Alex

      UFC could care less about the WWE in the same way that WWE could care less about tna. When you have the superior product, why should you bother to care? No bash on the WWE as I do love it, but UFC is better.

  • John

    Richard Gray – the Perez Hilton of wrestling gossip

    • wnwdotcom2

      I dunno what I think about that but I actually had a dream last night I met Perez. Love him or hate him, what he's been able to do is respectable.

      • john

        Haha, wrestling celebrity gossip… the new TMZ of WWE lol.

        • JakShowtime

          TMZ's actually pretty cool. Celebs actually seem to want to talk to them and enjoy it, rather than shun them away.

    • sportsman6100

      Don’t dog the owner of the site for publishing what he wants. It’s pretty useful info. If you think the site is bogus just don’t visit it.

  • gibbons08

    I’m not trying to be that guy but I’ve been reading about Dana White being pissed about Brock participating at WM28 tonight. I even read one report that said Dana White was trying to stop Wrestlemania from taking place tonight

    • SimUmp

      I read the same thing. I certainly hope it’s not true!

    • Alex

      Why would Dana care about if WM happened or not. UFC is a bigger company than WWE. It's had ppvs on the same month that have outsold Mania before. To him this is nothing special.

  • Kleck

    Knock a few more back Dana…it’ll all come back to ya

  • Aldo T

    Dana White actually cares about who works for him.

    If he didn't, then he could have screwed over Brock and made damn sure that he doesn't even go near a WWE event.

  • Dojo

    Holy s**t!!!! If that is true………… Looking forward to some F5’s!!!!!!!!

  • Ralphus

    They should've booked Brock to wrestle Undertaker. It would've made more sense!

    • Razmos01