Dana White Says He Believes Brock Lesnar Wants To Do WWE & UFC

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TMZ.com has a new video of UFC President Dana White where he says he thinks Brock Lesnar would like to fight when his schedule opens up. White said he feels Lesnar would like to "do both" [UFC and WWE].

You can watch the video at this link.

We've traveled down this road more times than I can count but WWE would have to approve any fight that Lesnar wanted to do in UFC. WWE has the exclusive rights to Lesnar's services and that exclusively extends to MMA fights. However, I've been told WWE would allow for Lesnar to fight as long as it was against an opponent that he could easily beat.

  • jdl

    Man just reeks of desperation, like clinging to one of the most overrated fighters in UFC history will save his company from its slow, gradual slump.

    • Victor Miranda

      Couldn’t have said it better.

  • Victor Miranda

    Last I checked didn’t Lesnar retire from UFC because he couldn’t do it anymore? Why can’t Dana White just get that through his thick skull and stop hoping Lesnar will come back.