Dana White Says Brock Lesnar Is Free To Go To WWE

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There's a video of UFC President Dana White, who appears to be inebriated, currently circulating the Internet where a cameraman for a gossip publication asks him if Brock Lesnar is free to go to WWE. White casually answered yes but was in no condition to discuss specifics.

  • Kleck

    I think I’ve seen more videos of Dana White drunk than sober…

  • Van

    I think we might be seeing Lesnar in the Royal Rumble

    • 5432

      why would they waste possibly the biggest return in history (that award was supposed to go to jericho this week) at the rumble??unless he gets number 30

      • Tomas

        The Rock took that award already. End Of.

        • Don

          The rock = Bleh. The more current Hulk hogan is what he is. Same ole crap since he was full time in wwf. Boring catch phrases. Lazy.

          • TakerMania

            "The Rock = Bleh " !!!!!!!!! I know who you are
            your the guy that hates on everything he's too cool to actually be impressed by something
            nice to meet you

  • HPK

    Honestly…I don't think DW and BL like each other !!! Brock in as dumb as a brick and overrated as all hell !!!
    Even his team of younger fighters couldn't stand his high and mighty ass when He was coaching them !!!

    • mathew30

      dumb as a brick and and overatted?, this can only be comign from a keyboard warrior to make such a statement.

    • Ryan

      Do you mean Brock is as bumb as a brick?

  • Jovan

    here comes the pain!

  • havoc525

    And on comes the speculation abour how this “proves” he’s going back to WWE.

  • Mark

    Lesnar v Taker at Wrestlemania???

    • James Mitchell

      It’s the only way

  • Cruz

    Overated….. R u high? U r talking about a guy who became UFC heavyweight champion in his 4th pro fight n 3rd in the UFC n he’s overrated? He defended the belt twice n beat randy couture to capture the belt. He was the real deal no1 liked him just cuz where he came from. He fought the best and 1 so saying he is overrated is completely wrong

  • Tommy

    Would be kewl to see WWE get back more of the “monsters”. Gets pointless having smaller guys wrestle guys like Mark Henry & Big Show. Putting them together over & over was getting old. Time to bring back the “Titans”.

    • Jeremy

      Whether a wrestler is big or small doesn't matter, it's the popularity of their character that matters. If the fans enjoy their work and are impress by their character they will get the push. For Brock Lesnar I think if he wants to return it'll perhaps be for a short run since he had great UFC career lately so to not jeopardize his career he would likely work WWE part time.

    • 5432

      and it gets even MORE POINTLESS having the company revolve around "monsters".especially when barely any can really move or talk. this is 2012 ,the yr of the giant is OVER.

      • Tomas

        Yes and Cena entertaining little boys and PG and all. Why don't we just put WWE on Disney Channel while we're at it?

        Wrestling is supposed to be about big guys mocking each other to a fight (with occasional cursewords) and then have a great match that involves a one off or two chairshots and a bit of blood if necessary. It's a manly sport, not a children's activity for god's sake!

        • Riley


  • lbp365


  • Tex

    Brock was " The Real Deal ", but what hurt him, was his surgery–case closed.

    • Martin wright

      To Tomas don’t really agree with that pg comment I know we all say it is shocking but one of the greatest matchs of all time come from the pg era taker vs hbk I think Brock will have a big impact

      • Tomas

        But the PG had nothing to do with that. It was just a regular fair fought match. They happen every week.