Dana White Says He's Happy For Brock Lesnar

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UFC President Dana White was asked about Brock Lesnar's return to WWE by one of his Twitter followers. White said the crowd "went nuts" and he was "happy for him."

As noted earlier today here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, Jason "Mayhem" Miller put over Lesnar's return as well.

  • Dave L

    Dana White is by far the greatest promoter of our time, and I know I might get slack for saying this on a wrestling site, but Vince is Thee Greatest Promoter of HIS time, He's on his way out, he's grooming HHH Dana has just begun. He took UFC from a caged tournament banned in most States promotion to LIVE on FOX!

    And the best part is you can watch all the old UFC PPV's and watch his promotion progress, just like you can watch WWE progress from Catch can wrestling to the Juggernaut it is today.