Dana White Speaks On WWE Names, WWE Taping In Manchester

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Dana White Speaks on JR, CM Punk & Brock Lesnar

UFC President Dana White spoke about meeting Jim Ross earlier this week at the UFC on Fox 7 press conference on Saturday. White said Ross was a really good guy, was "cool," and it was the first time they have met. He said there wasn't anything to CM Punk appearing last weekend at the Ultimate Fighter Finale and he was there as a fan. White also said that Brock Lesnar approached him about signing a UFC contract after he had already returned to WWE, not the other way around. As we know, this was all a work and there was not much of a chance of Lesnar returning to UFC.

WWE Tapings in Manchester

WWE will tape both Raw and Smackdown in Manchester, England in November. The dates are as follows:

  • WWE Raw on November 11th from the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England
  • Smackdown on November 12th from the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England

Tickets for both shows go on sale April 26, 2013.

  • Kleck

    Just watched a very good hour long interview with JR on YouTube called One on One. He gets into the wrestling business very deeply and intimately. He also speaks at length about the UFC and how and why he is a fan. I was very happy to hear the interview and listen to his insights and wisdom.

  • Kris Mystery

    I find as JR ages he is becoming much more hard to handle. Without a doubt he is one of the best wrestling commentators ever…no one will ever take that from him, but he seems very snippy when it comes to alot of things. If you ever get the time check out his Q and A on his blog.He is very condescending and downright mean in alot of his responses. I understand he is probably tired of answering some pretty dumb questions but he needs to expect some pretty dumb questions. It’s like he doesn’t enjoy answering them at all. If that is the case then simply stop doing it. I know i’ll be thumbed down like crazy for this but i really don’t care. Just check it out and you’ll see what i mean.