D'Angelo Dinero Officially Eliminated From Bound For Glory Series

"The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero has been officially eliminated from the Bound for Glory Series due to injury, the official TNA website confirmed on Wednesday.

As the storyline goes, Dinero has three more matches left in the series against AJ Styles, Rob Van Dam and Robbie E. Sting will "make a decision" regarding the bouts on this week's Impact Wrestling.

  • CrankyVince

    If this is a storyline injury then this is a dumb move. Dinero could make a HUGE star for TNA!

  • CJ

    Come bk to wwe 🙂 we need Elijah Burke !!!!!!

    • Malice

      WWE needs its paragon of virtue, Elijah Burke, back. Put him in a program with Punk!

  • Bishop

    TNA has no idea what to do with this guy. He was so close to being a superstar in TNA and they pushed it back. Samoa Joe went through the same ordeal but luckily they are slowly turning it around

  • JasonGaza

    The Pope would be a great great success in WWE and can just imagine him right now beefin it up with Sheamus