Daniel Bryan A Permanent Main Eventer?, My Background, World Title Prestige, Pushing Cesaro, Time For Christian To Retire?

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Do you think that Daniel Bryan is established as a permanent main eventer like John Cena or CM Punk?

As we've seen with Randy Orton, WWE has the ability to downgrade a main event talent regardless of who it is. Orton, a main event talent with a main event contract, spent a year in the mid-card due to disciplinary reasons. So I think it's important to remember that regardless of how established that a name is, WWE has the ability to pull the plug if they so choose. However, I don't see how Bryan regresses back to the mid-card unless WWE just doesn't see him as a viable main event talent. We talk a lot about bad booking and creative inhibiting guys from getting over but have you looked at what Daniel Bryan has overcome? The Miz as his NXT pro, a firing, an 18-second Wrestlemania loss and a gimmick that was expected to go no further than comedic relief. WWE has tried to hold Bryan back but every time he's risen right back to the top. It's going to be difficult to hold him down now.

We only ask questions about wrestling. But we'd like to know more about you. What is your wrestling knowledge background and what are your information sources and connections?

I began covering professional wrestling as a 14-year-old while in the 9th grade. I wanted to start a sports website but I figured that I would have a difficult time competing with the mainstream outlets. One of my friends owned and operated a professional wrestling website, located at WrestleNation.com, so I decided to give it a shot. My first pro wrestling website started as 4cw.hypermart.net and eventually went to 4CornersWrestling.com. My first major traffic break through was when my brother Ryan and I launched WCWWWF.com in January 2000. This is when we saw a major influx of traffic and continued to own and operate the site through the Fall of 2001. In 2001, Ryan and I sold the website and took a year off to be normal high school kids (we are identical twins, by the way). The following year, we got bit by the bug to start a new pro wrestling website and launched WrestlingUnlimited.com. In February 2003, we had a button exchange with WrestlingNewsWorld.com. I noticed the button was a dead image so I went to the site to find out it was for sale. Our company placed a bid and acquired the domain name. From February 2003 to April 2007, Ryan and I operated WNW as a side project after eventually merging it with WrestlingUnlimited.com. We penned occasional blogs and participated in the forums but we were college students and not full-time wrestling journalists. In May 2007 after graduating from college, Ryan and I decided to take the website on as a career. We implemented some major changes that have grown to what you see today, which includes 100% exclusive content and the backstage insider information that so many of you enjoy. Ryan left the website in July 2011 to pursue another career. As for my connections, I have been very fortunate to establish a team of researchers and contacts that work hours upon hours each week to provide us with insider information. These contacts go unnamed but their information is used through me all over the website. I will also mention that it's because of your support that I am able to do what I do and there will never be words to express how thankful I am for that.

One of the misconceptions that I think a lot of workers or people in the business have about me or this website is that I just kind of "fell into this." Yes, I have never bumped in the ring but what I do for a living was not accomplished by accident. I have worked very hard to establish my career and earn my reputation. Those who know me know that I get very defensive when my integrity or reputation is challenged as I have worked countless hours to get where I am today. The only way to be successful in this business is if you eat, sleep and breathe it. It's the case for the Superstars and Divas, just as it is for people like me that cover it.

With John Cena coming back to face Alberto Del Rio, is that sign that WWE wants the restore the credibility to the World Heavyweight Championship?

John Cena challenging for and possibly winning the World Heavyweight Championship is good for the prestige of the title, make no mistake about it. However, the fact of the matter is WWE needed a program for Alberto Del Rio and a place to highlight the return of Cena. With the ongoing program between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton, that couldn't be for the WWE title. Given the fact that CM Punk is working as a babyface in a program with Paul Heyman, they couldn't use him either. The company decided a Cena vs. Del Rio was the best program for all parties involved. Yes, it helps the World title but this was a case of finding the best situation for John Cena right now.

Antonio Cesaro is becoming more and more impressive each time he wrestles and what he did to The Great Khali at Battleground (and on Raw the next night) was a tremendous feet of strength, with that in mind I feel he should have been pushed to the World Heavyweight Championship by now. Is there any reason why he hasn't been given that opportunity?

I wish I could explain why very talented workers are held in the mid-card, while there are other workers that get opportunity after opportunity. It all comes down to who Vince McMahon thinks will draw money and at least right now, Antonio Cesaro one of those guys. I feel Cesaro has all of the tools to be as successful as Daniel Bryan or CM Punk and many of us said this for years prior to the emergence of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. This has to do with Vince McMahon and whether or not he believes in a talent.

Do you think its time for Christian to retire since he has sustained so many injuries this past year?

Christian has been plagued by injuries but injuries are part of this business. Christian should retire on his own terms and as long as he still wants to work and has the medical clearance to do so, he should continue. He is still capable of working at a very high level but has hit a rough patch. He's too talented of a worker for WWE (or anyone else for that matter) just to give up on when the going gets tough.

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  • James

    I would love to see Christian turn heel again and feud with Cena. That feud they had a long time ago was really good. Christian calling him Vanilla Ice and Marky Mark was epic .

  • Jbreed

    I don’t think it’s a given Daniel Brian will stay a permanent main eventer. Sooner or later Bryan is gonna get blamed for the decline in ratings and they’re not gonna see him as a huge draw. They’re not gonna blame Triple H, Stephanie or Randy Orton so unfortunately it’s all gonna fall on Daniel Bryan. I’m still convined the real blame goes to Vince McMahon and his idea to go PG. Since John Cena went down I’m sure most of the adult fanbase kept watching but instead it was the kids who stopped asking their fathers to let them stay up late and watch Raw because they don’t care about Raw if Cena (the poster boy of PG) is not on the show.

  • Shock Master

    I think the World Heavyweight Championship is in the spot it needs to be. The WWE Championship should always be the top title in the company. Consider the WWE title as the Valedictorian of the class, World title as the Salutatorian, and then the other titles as various honors and awards. Salutatorian is still good but it is not the top dog.

    • Malboja

      Call me wrong if you like but I still think a WORLD title is better than a Company title
      And let’s face it it’s better looking
      When ever you see other sports stars celebrating after they have won the respective sport it’s always the “big gold” belt they have .
      Not cena’s crappy spinner
      Not the new one that looks like they ran out of gold half way through making it
      Give me big gold any day

  • Could have mistaken your answer about yourself as a Triple H promo with the amount of times you said “this business” ha

    I haven’t actually counted it just seemed like alot haha

  • Reggie

    Richard your comments on Daniel Bryan are right on the money

  • Avalanchian

    Cesaro has the skill and talent, but I just don’t feel he has enough heel in him. He would simply before talk smack about the US. Not really a big deal. He needs to be a bit more vicious I feel in being a heel.

  • VaneyScopaz

    Nahh Daniel will be bumped right off the stage when Cm Punk gets rid of Heyman fued and when cena gets back into the main picture.

  • Duckfannaz

    The world heavyweight title was brought in with the purchase of WCW. Just like after the Monday night wars ended and WCW was seen as the lesser of the 2 shows, so has that title been branded. (The lesser of the 2 “main titles”. Also with the brand extension placing that title on Smackdown was the ulimate show of disrespect. No I take that back. When David Arquette was champion and held that belt on Nitro that was the ultimate show of disrespect. If would not surprise me after all these yrs Vince is still rubbing in Turners face by treating WCW old title worse then the old European championship.

  • Tim

    Rey needs to retire more than christian

  • Jay El Bee

    I hope you were joking about Daniel Bryan, I’ve never seen a guy get opportunity after opportunity to get over from the moment he debuted yet get little to no reaction for most of the first 2 years of his career. When a guy like Mason Ryan or Ezekiel Jackson gets a big push and doesn’t get over they get sent back to NXT or disappear completely, or in Tensai’s case gets turned into a comedy jobber.

  • smark calloway

    BREAKING NEWS !!!.. just heard from my sources , that ryback is confirmed to be the star of his first major motion picture…he will star in , and direct next summers big blockbuster …” ryback to the future “

  • smark calloway

    BREAKING NEWS !! ..just heard from my sources that none other than ryback is set to star in his first major motion picture. he will star in and direct next summers big blockbuster movie..” ryback to the future “

  • Lebron James

    Cesaro is arguably the best in the world right now. Vince might be borderline retarded if he doesn’t see what he has in his hands. That’s like drafting LeBron and sitting him on the bench, or giving him limited minutes. It doesn’t make any sense! If you have the guy, use him to his maximum capabilities! Cesar will draw money. Vinny needs to wake up and give him his push.

  • Clint

    how to get pushed in WWE, you need atleast one but if you have more that makes it that much easier

    5. Talent- CM Punk(no explanation)

    4. Date a Celebrity- David Otunga(dating Jennifer Hudson)

    3. Its who you know- David Flair(dad is Ric Flair)

    2. Size Ryback(nuff said about him already)

    and the number 1 way to get pushed

    1. Ass Kissing- Hulk Hogan