Daniel Bryan & AJ Announced As Guests On "The Peep Show" With Christian On Smackdown

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Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee will be "guests" on "The Peep Show" featuring Christian on this week's Smackdown. The two will be discussing their wedding, which is scheduled for next Monday's 1000th episode of Raw.

WWE will tape this week's Smackdown Tuesday night from the Valley View Casino in San Diego, California. If you're attending and would be interested in providing us with text-message updates, send your name and mobile number to us by using this form.

  • Kings of Wrestling

    So BORING Daniel Bryan, he needs something better to be doing. the Yes chants are getting old as well.

  • Logan_Walker

    Wow… Who Could Of Known That One Was Coming ? …..

    All I Want To Know is Who is Going to Intervene or what is going to go wrong …..

    I Don't Think ANY WWE Or WWF Wedding Has Gone Off With Out anything going wrong

    • Ken

      Savage and Liz

    • Guy Landau

      I'm putting my money on Bryan saying "NO!" at the alter, revealing this whole thing to be a ruse just to make AJ upset as revenge for not granting him the victory at the PPV.

      • Logan_Walker

        Yeh That Might Happen… But I Think Kane Will Come Back Into This

        CM Punks Now Got Cena & Probably Big Show

        Kane is in no story line that i can think off now ? so really this would be perfect for him to come back into

        have the wedding to be near the end take her (AJ) Through The Ring to end the show ?

        then they have a week to come up with a new storyline pantom of the opera Kidnapping Style.