Daniel Bryan To Appear At Payback - Will He Surrender The Titles?

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Stephanie McMahon and Daniel Bryan had an in-ring segment on Raw where Bryan was advertised to make a final decision on whether or not he was surrendering the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Daniel Bryan told Stephanie he will not hand over the titles after all she has put him through. Stephanie went on to say that Bryan will have to make a final decision this Sunday at Payback. She added that if Bryan does not surrender the titles, Brie Bella will be fired.

  • Brandon van Reenen

    Well, not all marriages last. 😛

  • Bob’s Diner

    Jeeeepers… way to drag this out

    • BIG M

      I asked that on askWNW.
      Why drag this out it seems like their just digging themselves into a bigger hole.

      • Bob’s Diner

        Totally agree. They are probably hoping to increase viewership for Payback because they have no good matches advertised. And then they will probably drag things out longer so they can name a new champ at Money in the Bank

        • BIG M

          If their willing to wait that long maybe they should just keep the title on him till he’s ready to return.
          Or pull a UFC move and name an interim champ till then.

          • Avalanchian

            See I wanted Lesnar to get the title because Heyman would spew garbage about beating Taker. Lesnar could hold it til Bryan gets back. Then Bryan can slay the Beast and become even more over.

          • BIG M

            Lesner doesn’t work enough dates to justify any title run.
            Not even a short one.

          • Simon Veitch

            They gave it to The Rock didn’t they? It’d be possible to do Lesnar as champ as long as it’s not a stupidly long reign, and they haven’t used him since Mania so I imagine they’re pocketing all the dates they can.

  • kingdook24

    The Authority needs a balance of power with another on-screen character to counter all the negative things they do to the faces of the company. There was a time when Ric Flair was part owner of WWE with Vince during the Attitude Era – Man, that was entertaining.

    And since the Authority still have beef with Daniel Bryan, how awesome would it be if HBK came in to be the Commissioner of Raw/Smackdown to help counter what the Authority does? Something like that to make it interesting again, because these beatdowns that happen after every show or seeing the faces get screwed constantly is annoying.

    What’s up with this crap about Brie will fired for putting her hands on Stephanie quote-on-quote “The Owner” if Bryan doesn’t surrender the belts? Once again, that’s WWE just forgetting about the past. Do they NOT remember a superstar by the name of Stone Cold Steve Austin?!! How many times has Austin stunned… everyone?!!

    • Jay El Bee

      You do know that Austin did get “fired” at one point don’t you.

      • kingdook24

        And then held McMahon “hostage” with a fake gun.

        • Jay El Bee

          I thought Shane McMahon hired him back just so they could screw him over again. Did they fire him twice or am I thinking of something else.