Daniel Bryan Beats Out Stiff Competition To Win "Most Animal-Friendly Athlete" Of 2011

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World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan won the 2011 Most Animal-Friendly Athlete award in this year's 6th annual peta2 Libby Awards.

The award, which was determined by online fan voting, saw Bryan beat out stiff competition that included Chase Utley of the Philadelphia Phillies, UFC's Jake Shields and Willis McGahee of the Denver Broncos.

Click here for all the award winners.

  • Matt

    Poor Bryan, winning an award from Peta means additional 100 years in purgatory.

  • T-Boy

    He got it because he is vegan.

  • Dangerous Lee

    How the hell does he build muscle from a vegan diet? Not saying he’s jacked, but he is pretty buff considering he eats no meat or animal products.

    • just a fan

      some vegan foods do have at least adequate amounts of protein, beans i know do.

      • Dave Barton

        Yes, beans are high in protein, as are nuts.

      • WNW Fan

        Yeah, their full of "air" too. Beans, their good for your heart. The more you eat the more you…you know!

    • @RatedMKD

      He once tweeted a photo of how he puts on mass. LOADS of protein supplements. I'm not a bodybuilder so I don't know how many is considered standard for such a line of work, but it looked like quite a lot.

  • HPK

    Awesome !!! I and My Wife are PETA members and We never knew He was a VEGAN !!! Keep it up !!!

    • Patrick V

      I don’t want to seem like a jackass but it’s My wife and I

  • rkodmr

    Just in time for his heel turn

  • George

    No offense to Bryan, but P.E.T.A sucks. 'Nuff said