How Daniel Bryan Became WWE's Hottest Star

Rolling Stone profiled Daniel Bryan in a new article titled "Daniel Bryan's House of Yes!" The piece looks at Bryan as "an eco-minded vegan grappler" that became WWE's hottest star. Bryan was quoted in the piece, talking about how if Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan would have happened in different eras, they would have been hated.

"When you look at Austin, if he'd happened in different eras, he would have been hated," reasons Bryan about his current zeitgeistiness. "Hulk Hogan, if he came out now saying, 'America, take your vitamins,' and he's this jacked-up dude, you would get people going, 'Wait, what? I hate this guy.' To me, it's whether you fit into the atmosphere."

He recalled the beginning of what is now known as the "Yes Movement" that spawned from the chant of the word "yes":

"The whole arena was chanting, 'Yes! Yes! Yes!'" Bryan recalls of the night that same year when he realized fans had latched on to his motto. "I didn't predict it; I didn't plan it. It just happened, and you feel lucky to be a part of it."

Brie Bella, Bryan's fiancée, is quoted in the piece about how Bryan has broken the mold and isn't just causing the hardcore wrestling fan but the casual viewer to look at the smaller guys differently.

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  • supercilious1

    He’s right, however if Daniel Bryan was in a different era he might not have made it. One of the main reasons why Bryan has made it is because of his fan following in the IWC. There wasn’t an IWC in the late 80s or Attitude Era.

    • kyleferretti

      I don’t think he would disagree with you at all. It’s all about timing.

    • AlaminoCasino

      Yeah, but there were the magazines and of course, Mean Gene’s 900 number. The whole IWC thing has been going on forever. Ever heard of “tape trading”? It was huge before the internet. People just wanna act like its some new phenomenon.

  • Jasont2300

    That is a good question! How did Daniel just all of a sudden become top guy? The YES Chants??????

  • f_caus

    DB fan or not, never fail to respect his natural in-ring talent or his connection to the audience that transcends them simply chanting “YES!”