Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella Engaged, Proposal To Air On Total Divas

Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella are officially engaged as of Wednesday, September 25. E! Online revealed that cameras were rolling for a future episode of Total Divas during the proposal, and that the couple is looking at a wedding date between April and June of next year.

Following the announcement, Bryan sent out the following on Twitter:

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  • H.M.

    This might sound cynical but….next WWE Diva’s champ anyone… :p?

    • Xpress Ride

      No way… Stephanie would not approve. It wouldn’t be best for business.
      Orton had some words with Brie on Raw backstage, he hit on her at one point, I think. It wouldn’t surprise me if Stephanie would make match between Orton and Bryan for the Championship, in which if Bryan wins, well… he becomes the new champion, if he loses, well… he loses Brie to Orton. Oh well, I forgot… they did that years ago with Kane and Tori, lol.

    • BMGabe

      Well, it is already in motion as it seems. They been having her win matches clean lately and kinda hinting at it. So looks like they were already going in that direction and i’m sure this will give it more push

  • smark calloway

    if he wants time off to get married and the honeymoon and whatnot between april and june , then dont look for him to win the wwe title at wrestlemania next year. those post mania months are busy and crucial months for the champion

    • Jaryd

      Lance Corporal Buzzkill over here

      • smark calloway

        It’s my new gimmick

    • dekt82

      hes gonna win it a lot sooner than mania…im thinking survivor series…if anything I think punk gets it back @ mania

  • Dustyn

    Did she say “Yes! Yes! Yes!?” lol

  • John Cena’s 1st ex wife

    Congratulations to DB and BB.
    There living proof that any guy can land the stuck up hottie or at least her slightly less stuck up slightly less hot sister.

    • Mysterion

      How does an identical twin be less hot?

      • John Cena’s 1st ex wife

        Brie’s flat chested duh.

        • BIG M

          Just because Nikki got a Boob job doesn’t make her hotter than Brie.
          Personally I like em natural.
          Fake ones feel wrong like rubber gross.

  • Lebron James

    This man is the definition of overachiever! I love it! He’s an inspiration haha. Congrats to both!