Who Daniel Bryan Celebrated With, NXT Divas Assist In Triple H's Wrestlemania Entrance

Daniel Bryan's Celebration

The woman and little girl that celebrated with Daniel Bryan after his WWE World Heavyweight Championship win at Wrestlemania XXX was his sister and niece. Brie Bella, Bryan's fiancee Tweet she wished she could have celebrated but "wasn't allowed."

Triple H's Epic Entrance

WWE NXT Divas Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss assisted during Triple H's spectacular "King of Kings" entrance. Below is a photo:

  • John

    The Triple H entrance was great, but it is so Triple H to give himself the big entrance while Daniel Bryan just walks out like normal..

    • kingdook24

      It would’ve been cool if he came out with the Yes Movement.

  • Michael Grooms

    The fact that Brie wasn’t allowed out there continues to make me believe that their engagement is just a storyline for Total Divas.

    • jordan teeling

      It is not a storyline for Total Divas

    • Dizzintut

      Wow. Really? Yes total divas is scripted like any other “reality” show. But it is still their lives. The relationships on the screen are the relationships in real life. If you bothered to research at all you wouldn’t have made that idiotic statement.

  • kingdook24

    I think that was pretty lame Brie couldn’t go out to celebrate with him. I really don’t see the problem. Her finance just won the biggest title in the company.

    Really lame.

  • Bob’s Diner

    HHH’s entrance was the most unnecessary thing of the entire evening. It just felt like a total ‘Oh, I’m opening the show and not really doing much tonight, so I must have a huge entrance to look super important!’

    Not to mention it was not even cool in any way