Daniel Bryan Discusses Being Called A "Rookie" On NXT, Reveals How Ryback Got A Black Eye Weeks Ago, More

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Daniel Bryan recently did an interview with CT.com in which he discusses his lifestyle out of wrestling, the ups and downs of his WWE career, and more. In the following excerpt, Bryan discusses how he felt about being called a "rookie" in NXT after years on the independent circuit:

"See, I don't have a problem with being called anything as long as people treat me with respect. I felt like when I got to WWE, all the wrestlers treated me great, but coming from independent wrestling, you really have to prove yourself more to the office than anybody else because I don't look like your prototypical WWE superstar. I don't have a lot of the qualities they look for in a WWE superstar, so it's [about] going out there and proving that you belong there. At first, it took me a long time to be able to do that. I felt like only in the last six, seven months, I've really proved to the people on top that I really belong here."

Bryan was also asked about his traveling companions, or "road wives," and he revealed why Ryback had a black eye a few weeks ago:

"Right now, my road wife is the Ryback [Laughs] and Cody Rhodes. We don't have any particular good road stories because I feel like we're kind of boring. We just kind of drive to the next town. But what me and Cody really like to do is make up stories about the Ryback and then spread them amongst the locker room. For example, yesterday, we were working out in a gym. He was doing kettle bell snatches with only 35 pounds. You look at him, and you'd think, 'Oh! This guy is way stronger,' but he was lifting this kettle bell and he couldn't control it, and it hit him in the eye and now he's got a black eye. That story spread throughout the locker room all day yesterday.

One thing that we have really gotten into is crushing apples with our bare hands. We like to give the Ryback a lot of crap because he's the only one among the three of us who can actually do it. [Laughs] We only think it's just because of cheating and stuff like that."

Click here to read the full interview.

  • The Dude

    Lol. Poor Ryback.

  • jdl

    Yes, cheating… also known as steroids.

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      Lol @ the steroids comment! Nice work.

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      How’s life in your bubble of pessimism?

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        I dunno, how's life in your humorless bubble?

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  • Dangerous Lee

    So the ryback story was made up…..

    • bettysteve

      shows what marks we are. the headline got me here too *laughs*

  • Marc

    All Rynack needs to do is grow long hair, us a five star frog splash and he could be the next RVD. Look at his ring gear.

    • Dave Barton

      You left out “get off the juice”…

      • Marc

        Lol @ Dave Barton’s comment.

    • HATER

      Thats a dumb Comment

  • Daniel Bryan your NEXT

  • No he couldn’t be the next rvd. Look at his ring work.

    • Marc

      I stated that if he uses a five star frog splash he could be. When people use that move, they are 9 times out of 10, a high flyer.