Daniel Bryan Discusses Breakout Year, Interesting Convo Between John Cena & Steve Austin, Creation Of "Yes" Chant

The Masked Man of Grantland.com has a new Q&A online with Daniel Bryan. Below are the highlights:

  • Bryan credited the Team Hell No tag team with Kane as to helping reveal his personality. He said that WWE fans have always appreciated his wrestling but it was the tag team that gave fans more of his personality.
  • He recalled a conversation that he had with John Cena when asked if he felt like he made it. Bryan said that John told him of a conversation he had with Steve Austin. Austin asked John how things were and pointed towards the upper deck of an arena being tarped off. Steve told him when he was there, those seat were full. Bryan said that motivated John. He also said if he got hurt today, he'd be satisfied with that he's done, however, he would have said that before he even got to WWE.
  • Bryan admitted that seeing footage of him younger is embarrassing. He talked about WWE showing footage of him competing at Shawn Michaels's old promotion. Bryan said he didn't just start out like this and had to work hard to get good.
  • He said the differences between Bryan Danielson and Daniel Bryan are many. At the end of his career with Ring of Honor, he was expected to win because of what he had accomplished as the master wrestler. In WWE, he's the underdog and with the size difference being so much greater, it wouldn't make sense not to be that way.
  • Bryan said he came up with the "Yes!" chant as well as the idea to grow out his beard.
  • He worked 219 shows last year and admitted he's anti-caffeine. Bryan said the best part of the night when he performs is taking a shower after a really good match where the crowd was on their feet the whole time. He said then "you feel completely satisfied."

Click here to read the Q&A in its entirety.

  • Mark McGinnis

    Its great to see someone his size to make it in WWE. When I was younger I love wrestling but never thought someone small could like that could make it. It was always the thinking that someone like Rey Mysterio in wrestling or Darren Sproles in the NFL was a rare find and most small people could not make it. With people like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk it makes average looking and undersized people believe they can make it on the biggest wrestling company in the world. These two and all the other smaller wresters in history are opening doors for people in tye future.

    • Ricky

      Believe it or not Cena is only 6’1″ but he’s a bulky guy so that makes up for it. Punk, Mysterio and Bryan have shown us that being small is not a bad thing. Back in the day it was bigger is better and wrestling should be larger than life. These days it’s rooting for the underdog.

  • John

    “Bryan said he came up with the “YES!” chant.”

    Not only did Bryan not come up with the “YES!” chant but he also never actually said in the interview that he did. What he said was that he just decided to do the “YES!” chant without anyone telling him to do it.. Bryan took the actual chant from Diego Sanchez who yelled “YES” constantly during his walkout for his fight with Jake Ellenberger.

    • Nostaljack

      What was actually said: “When I started doing the “Yes!” thing up and down the ramp, I just did it. Nobody told me to. Same thing with the beard. Honestly, I started growing the beard because I wanted to grow my hair out and thought that the beard would distract people from my hair. And it worked! Somebody from the office came up to me recently and said, “Wow, your hair’s getting long,” and I said, “Yeah, well, it doesn’t happen overnight.”

      Close enough, no? No one told him to do it; he just started doing it.

      • John

        Richards report clearly says Daniel Bryan came up with the “Yes!” Chant… He didn’t. So close maybe but still inaccurate.

        • Nostaljack

          He wasn’t told to do it by anyone. He did it on his own. He came up with it for his use in the WWE. That’s what the article says. There’s no mention in it of Diego Sanchez, though myriad people have used “Yes!” at one time or another. In that sense, it’s hard to credit Bryan for coming up with it. However, it hasn’t been used the way Bryan uses it *in the WWE*. If anything, that appears to be your issue.

          • John
          • Nostaljack

            Thanks for the link to the article. Interesting. No clue who Diego Sanchez was until I read it (I’m not an MMA guy in the least bit so I was clueless.) Bryan says he took “Yes!” from Sanchez and added his own twist to it. “Yes!” is hardly an innovative chant to come up with and very few could have made it work. Diego and Bryan have. Bryan also made “No!” part of his inventive repertoire…LOL! Either way, more power to both. Again, though, the article says “…I just did it. Nobody told me to.” Your beef is with whether or not he’s actually the originator, not that Richard mis-quoted Bryan.

  • Joel Manjarrez

    Don’t forget the other small guys that came before Punk and Bryan that opened the door for them. Guys like HBK Y2J and Eddie Guerrero.

    • Mysterion

      And a little known character who goes by the name Bret Hart who was champion before all three of them. Even, arguably, Bob Backlund.