Daniel Bryan Discusses His Anger Management Storyline, Jerry Lawler's Heart Attack, More

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Daniel Bryan recently took part in an interview with ABC Action News 6. In the interview, he discussed Jerry Lawler's heart attack, his comedic backstage segments, and more. The interview is embedded below:

  • Ranfery25

    Lmao! Daniel Bryan was hilarious as always, but the guy seemed to be forced Laughing, however its interesting to know that nugget of how they never know what they are going to do once they get to the show! Lol

  • Brody

    Bryan is not a vegan anymore.

  • LeBron James

    Great interview! The interviewer seemed to have really enjoyed being around the tag team champions. Daniel Bryan is the best thing going in the WWE !

  • bryan

    DB seems like a really fun guy to talk to, just seems like an ordinary guy Id like to have a beer with. Haha

  • Nick B

    I take it I’m the only one that can’t watch the video?

  • Matt

    I couldn't stop laughing! Such a great guy

  • robert

    i started choking on my food, at the beg when he started off with i'm the tag team champion

  • proud

    remember this… in 5 years time we will be wishing we could have things like this

    awesome fun