Daniel Bryan Encourages Fans Not To Eat Meat

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The Score has coverage of World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan as a vegan. You can read their coverage at this link. You can watch a video clip from PETA's official YouTube channel embedded below:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Fernando for sending this in.

  • H.M.

    About to go eat some chicken wings.

    • Dufus

      Vegans are all the same. They complain about people using animal products and they're using leather wallets, purses, belts, shoes. Guess what his championship belt is made of ?

  • H.M.

    This video was posted in June of last year by the way.

    • Ilyas

      I know!!

  • MsMojoRisin

    im not a fan of meat nor veggies so i’ll just stick to eating nasty meat over veggies

  • Kleck

    …more agenda pushing

  • Cyn

    In the immortal words of Bart Simpson: “I love the taste of death.”

  • Lenny

    I love D-Bry but I love to eat meat even more….all those poor animals that die, die for a great cause! Their deaths are not in vain!

  • stoney

    Don't force your beliefs on us D-Bry

  • B. B.

    PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals

  • Jp

    God meant for us to eat meat… Love me sOme steak chicken and shrimp.

  • Nesto

    Don’t eat meat! And that’s the bottom line, cuz Daniel Bryan said so!

  • 7028brethart

    I’ve tried to eat healthier, but I can only last so long before I have to a good hamburger. Sorry Daniel, and I don’t feel guilty after words.

  • Tomas

    I wonder if PETA realizes that Danielson and WWE are trolling them here? Supporting them and playing the bad guy.
    For those not in the know, he already went on record a few years back as becoming vegan simply because he was getting really sick and he found out his body couldn't handle animal products, I can't remember the exact reason now – I think it was an allergic reaction to hormones in his food but I could be wrong. I just remember that the whole thing went down just before he was signed to WWE.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    EET MOR CHIKIN!!! (From the chik fil-a commercial)

    • MonsterMike42

      I just had that last night. Then I watched this video. Now I want "MOR CHIKIN"

  • Thumpa

    It was because he was getting diseases and his doc said to give up meat as our body takes too much energy breaking down meat and this energy could be used to fight his disease. Yeah I wonder if PETA realise he is getting booed for saying he’s a veggie on Smackdown haha!

  • cristina

    You know I respect Bryan's choice to be a vegan, but he needs to respect my choice to not be. And this schtick sounds painfully familiar. Didn't Punk have a similar gig with his straight-edged stuff awhile back?


    They’re redoing heel punk. Replacing punk with Bryan and straightedge with veganism. A lot of my friends are edge and vegan, so I think it’s pretty funny.

  • Ann

    If Bryan is going to promote veganism, then he should ditch all the leather he wears – jacket, boots, running shoes, etc… after all, those are made from leather… and leather comes from????? c’mon Daniel – s*** or get off the pot!

  • Wendy

    People always miss the mark. There is nothing wrong with eating animals…there is something wrong if you don't kill them humanely. PETA should be a great organization, but they have become fanatics who have stopped caring about the animals, and are now only concerned with what THEY want. God gave us food to eat and said, be thankful for it. But don't abuse the gift. Animals are living, breathing creatures, they feel pain. There are so many ways you could slaughter them without causing them to suffer. That is the real issue. Like the seal hunt here in Canada…is there something wrong with hunting seals? No, but is there something wrong with beating them to death with a club?? Hell yes! Guys like Daniel Bryan, while entitled to their own opinion, should really think before they speak and get to the root of the problem, instead of always trying to remedy only the symptoms. The symptoms are not the problem.

  • Bruno

    1 stupid world champ who claims not to drink beer and now the other one talking about meat. What going on here?

    • Punk never drank his whole life. Daniel became a Vegan maybe…what, 1 year ago?