Daniel Bryan Explains His Actions From Last Week's Smackdown

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Daniel Bryan recently discussed why he attempted to cash in his Money in the Bank contract last week on Smackdown in an interview on the official WWE website. Bryan blamed Mark Henry assaulting him the week before as a main reason why he tried to cash in early. He claimed that the assault made him think for a moment that taking the title off of Henry was more important than sticking to his word. He also addressed Michael Cole calling him a hypocrite, which he agreed with, but only because he felt so strongly about defeating Henry.

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  • sdd

    i smell a heel turn

    • sforester

      I'd love to see a Danielson heel turn in the future, but this isn't the right time. There are far too many heels running around Smackdown (and the WWE in general). Besides, as long as Cole keeps ripping into Danielson there's no way he'll go heel. I call it a face that's been hurt and wants vengeance by any means necessary…ya know, like Big Show's been doing?

    • jdl

      Of course you do. He's grown his heel beard, a beard of such evil power that he can't help but do evil things.

      In all seriousness, though, for whatever reason Danielson tends to have a beard when he's heel. 😛

  • @RatedMKD

    I loved Bryan's emphatic answer of "yes" when he was asked if he felt like a hypocrite. He really didn't mince his words here, and that type of interview complements his in-ring style perfectly.

  • Ian P.

    IMO I wouldn't mind a heel turn, because in his ROH days he got more over as a heel and I think he looked much more comfortable as one than the squeaky clean face.
    I am still waiting for the Danielson I know that could make a crowd go crazy because he argues with the referee. "I have until 5, Referee!!!" 🙂

  • An0n

    i still call bull on teddy, since when has the champion been able to defend themselves effiecintly in a cash in moment? CM punk taken out by Del Rio…The Miz on Cena i think? (correct me if im wrong on that please)
    but what im getting at is, never have the champions had the chance for a fair fight….

    • craig

      Miz was against Orton. But Punk losing the first time the champ never even got up to both feet (which always was the rule).

      • An0n

        thank you

    • Stephen

      It's because the doctors didn't clear him to compete. MITB when cashed in is a match, it's not like the Hardcore title where you can attack the champion wherever and whenever. So since he wasn't cleared to compete, he could not be in an official match.

      • Thomas M.

        Yeah, but 10 minutes later Teddy told Henry backstage that the doctors cleared him.

        • Stephen

          Cleared him for next week.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I'd likw to see him turn heel. as for Cole Byan should put the Labell Lock on him.

  • HHHRedmonster

    For the love of god…it's like you people want EVERYONE to be a heel 😛

    Bryan has the smaller "Underdog" look that was one of the main reasons why Mysterio has had a successful WWE career, I know he's played a Heel during his days in the independent scene, but that was a different story. I for one actually want to see the moment where Bryan is holding up the world title for REAL and the crowd is giving him a great ovation, I honestly don't think he'd make a very good heel in today's WWE, especially not on Smackdown with Mark henry at the top.

    • H.M.

      I agree with you completely. Heels are the darlings of the IWC. Then again you can't blame them since a vast majority of faces in WWE are just terrible and a heel turn could make them interesting. Nonetheless, I think Bryan as a face works especially in current circumstances.

  • hurrigame

    My question is this, as much as I'd hate to see him in a WWE ring again, when are we going to see Bryan Danielso…I mean Daniel Bryan vs. Michael Cole. Make it a loser leaves the WWE match PLEASE! Just want D-Bryan to shut Cole up for good is all.

  • bettysteve

    l will try again, but "positive" Cole pieces tend to not get posted. *shrug* The Man is doing his job and doing it REALLY well, as you can see by all the "hate mail" he gets. l don't want to se him go nor would l ever want to see Daniel leave WWE either, (although l was dissappointed when he tried to cash in last week, thought he was a man of his word. sorry bloke, you lost some respect from me there.) l wonder how many people actually LISTEN to Mr. Cole? his snipes are lightning fast and he is a quick thinker, can't wait to meet him next time the universe comes to australia.

    • Patrick_Peralta

      WE listen to Cole and the hatred for him ( at least for me ) is he's not a good heel Cole spends to much time talking about everything but the match in the ring, if he isn't braging about his Wrestlemania win (Big Deal ) he's bad mouthing the rest of the announcers. to me he has that go away heat. Not the type heat like Bobby Heenan had witch was "Love to hate heat".

      I watch both Raw and Smackdown with the sound off so I don't have to listen to him and i can focus on watching the match.

    • Paul

      I don't see the point of having Michael Cole be a heel. Maybe it works better on Smackdown, because Matthews can play the straight man, but on Raw, the lead announcer should not be biased towards heels. I also think he is way too over the top as a heel announcer.

    • H.M.

      Cole is actually a very very good commentator, the best WWE currently has after JR. His commentary as of late however has been plagued with his whining and incessant moaning. I actually enjoy it for the most part but not when it takes away from a match that is happening on TV. Notice how Cole almost never references the moves being used like a play-by-play commentator would? He always did until this heel turn. Again he's really good at making people hate the hell outta him, that's true. I just wish he wouldn't let his heel-ish persona push him to the very top where it's taking away from the show rather than enhancing it.

      Just my two cents.

    • ABNo4

      The only person Michael Cole gets over is Michael Cole. As a commentator it's his job to put the talent in the ring over, so right there he fails at one of the fundamental roles of a wrestling announcer. He may be playing his part well, but it's a character most of us appear to be absolutely fed up with, as Paul said it's the wrong kind of heat. The commentators are part of the show, not THE show, but that's what Cole's character is becoming.

      If you're entertained by him then fair enough, different strokes for different folks. For me, they've gone way too far with this Cole stuff, for way too long. Enough is enough.