Daniel Bryan Getting Pushed, Rampage In TNA, Sting/WWE, HHH Is Paul

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Do you think it's time for WWE to pull the trigger and push Daniel Bryan as a top babyface considering how over he is with the audience?

I have two words for all my fellow Daniel Bryan fans - it's happening. Yes, it's happening and Vince McMahon has given Daniel Bryan, the best in-ring worker in WWE, the green light. Despite Monday's lackluster viewership, Bryan gained even more support for his "MVP" performance on WWE Raw. I don't know if it'll be as a babyface or a heel but Bryan can work as either. He has more than earned a top spot and I hope they go with it at full force. If one person reading does not feel Bryan can handle a main event push, I'd love to know why. The biggest concern about Bryan was "his personality," and he's already got over two completely opposite gimmicks without having to lean on his stellar in-ring work.

Will Rampage Jackson actually be wrestling in TNA Wrestling?

The plan is for Rampage Jackson to wrestle on TNA shows, in addition to fighting for Bellator, appearing on a reality series for Spike TV and doing movies with Paramount Pictures. Jackson has a great agent because this is an unreal deal where he admitted, he is making more money than he was in UFC. I agree with what Jim Ross said in that training to be a pro wrestler at 35 isn't easy and takes full time effort. However, he is a stellar athlete and if he focuses, he has the tools to be successful. Jackson has a ton of personality, which is something that should bode well for him in TNA, however, we'll have to wait and see. As I discussed on Wednesday, I'm actually higher up on this deal than I would have been if TNA signed another WWE re-tread. Sure, there's going to be a learning curve but Jackson is a much bigger splash than someone that's left WWE and bounced around the indies.

I just read the article on WWE.com about the 10 greatest wrestlers to never wrestle in WWE. Some of the names surprised me but do you think that by WWE putting Sting #1 on the list that is planting the seed for him to FINALLY sign with WWE to face Undertaker?

For those that didn't see the article on dot com, we have the full list available at this link. From the best of my knowledge, Sting is under a new one-year contract with TNA Wrestling, as he's signed one year contracts several years in a row to keep his options open. He was as close as he's ever been to signing with WWE a couple of years ago to work a Wrestlemania program against Undertaker but his loyalty to TNA and Dixie Carter won out. I'm not ruling out the possibility of Sting coming to WWE for one run but I'm not counting on it either. The list on dot com was done for one reason - website hits. WWE has the unique ability to feature top stars from TNA on their website because they own so much of Sting's career in their tape library. Could you imagine if TNA had the ability to use John Cena's likeness?

Why has WWE started using Triple H's real name, "Paul," interlaced with his stage name?

WWE uses Triple H's real name, Paul, from time-to-time to add realism to the situation. When Stephanie McMahon called him "Paul" on Raw, it was done to try and make it look more realistic. It's funny because a lot of the boys call him Hunter behind-the-scenes.

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  • Justin Lal

    WWE will push Daniel Bryan to a WWE Championship match against John Cena at Money in the Bank. WWE PPV is in Philly which is ROH territory I believe (I don’t watch ROH). I see WWE having Bryan gain more confidence with this weak link angle to the point that he’s brimming with confidence. He will pump himself up that he will beat John Cena at MITB. When he fails to do he will snap on Cena and turn heel. If Bryan loses a title match against Cena why would he continue on as a face? It makes no sense. Bryan’s push as a face will reach it’s climax at MITB. He has to snap after he loses in order for his character to evolve. Anytime there is a face vs face encounter someone usually goes heel or they go away for a while (Hogan/Warrior, Batista/Cena from Summerslam, Austin/Rock WM 17, Christian/Orton). When WWE doesn’t go this route after a face/face match one of the guys always loses momentum. Look at Lashley after his match with Cena. He lost, shook hands with Cena, and drifted to irrelevancy.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if WWE involved the Bella’s in this build up since they are in a relationship with both guys. This would be a good way to promote the new Diva’s show.

  • Kenneth

    What happened to that other MMA guy who had a thing with TNA recently? Mo someone? Is he still kicking around?

    • BIG M

      King MO I think he started training in OVW then said online it was harder to learn then MMA “OH DUH” then just up and quit.
      I think right now he is trying to get sighed by UFC if he is I doubt he will be sighed.
      He is an average fighter “even by BELLETORS standards” plus Dana White has been pretty clear he’s not looking to hire any more pro wrestlers or pro wrestling trainees after Brock made a fool of himself in his last fight so i don’t like MO’s chances.

  • Ricky

    I see DB feuding with Orton. Start him as a heel then slowly turn him face.

    • sir-rusty82

      He was a heel & they slowly turned him face in Team Hell No

  • Mark J.

    Daniel Bryan absolutely deserves the push. But he has a ceiling in terms of how much money he’ll draw. He wrestles at the level of Hart, Michaels, Savage, Jericho and Punk. But his personality is just not captivating enough to really make it to that untouchable tier. He’ll perform well, and can play the “funny” guy or the “annoying” guy well, but he won’t draw PPV buys.

  • Avalanchian

    In a small way Bryan slowly going crazy reminds me of Ken Shamrock when he was in the WWE.

  • Tim

    It is so desperately sad how tna tries to use mainstream to become big. Rather big athletes jersey shore or sons of anarchy. Even going so far as to ripping off the season one box cover of sons for one of their own DVD covers. Maybe this is why the viewership is abysmal. Cause there is no originality.

    • Nostaljack

      Right on. The marketing in TNA is shamefully bad.

  • Smart Mark

    As much as i feel Daniel Bryan does need to be in the main event i just can’t see him in a serious storyline as apposed to a comedic one. Im not hating on Bryan because i actually like him and do he think he is the best in the ring but it will be interesting to see how he plays off in a title feud because his last main event run wasn’t that serious.

    • TheBigKing1

      I totally agree. But I think once he shaves some of that hair off, he will be taken and looked at more seriously by everybody.

  • Stoney

    Just hope WWE puts half the effort into pushing Daniel Bryan as they do into pushing John Cena

  • spud

    i believe rampage has a shot. i know i’m dating myself but ken shamrock had a nice run in wwe as well as tna. he even won the IC title. even tank abbott, an mma fighter, had a stint in wrestling. rampage is a better athlete then tank was.i look forward ti seeing him in the ring, he throws people around the cage and i believe it will traslate well to the ring. i can see him suplexing opponents around.