Daniel Bryan Interacts With Seattle Seahawks, Watch Hogan’s Super Bowl Commercial

Daniel Bryan is happy for the Seattle Seahawks as Super Bowl XLVIII Champions and they respect him as well. You can see an exchange on Twitter embedded below:

Hulk Hogan’s Super Bowl commercial that featured a cameo from Sgt. Slaughter is online at this link. You can also watch it embedded in the video below:

  • AJ

    I don’t think that was really hogan but an actor playing him. Did you see his arms when he lifted that thing over his head for that split second? Yeah, no…

    • Burt

      r u blind dat hogan n he has masiv musels u jus jelos coz ur not as masiv as him fagit

      • michael


    • jdl

      It’s Hogan. They sprung for Dee Snyder, Eric Estrada and the voice of Chucky just for a moment of laughter, and you think they didn’t get Hogan?

    • jman72485

      I though the same bro until I got a second look at it. It’s the real Hogan.

  • john gilvarry

    who cares

  • deadeyez187

    how much did radio shack pay for THIS written article?