Daniel Bryan Interviewed By Marvel - Talks Superheroes, The Best Match In His WWE Career, More

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Marvel has a new interview up with Daniel Bryan, in which he discusses which superheroes he thinks he could make tap out, his best match in WWE, and more. In the following excerpt, Bryan discusses how it feels to be a smaller wrestler that became World champion:

"It’s a great feeling. You know, when you’re one of the smaller guys on the roster, you have to do more to stand out. When you’re a bit bigger, people expect you to have power and you can use that to your advantage. It’s a really awesome feeling that fans have latched on to me as an entertainer and want me to still be champion. I’ve got my own style and people really seem to like that. Plus, I’m not the only one my size who has held the title; I have to give a shout out to Rey Mysterio."

When asked about his best match in WWE, Bryan responded:

"Actually, if you had asked me this question a few weeks ago, I’d have a different answer for you. I actually wrestled William Regal on an episode of WWE Superstars, and it is without a doubt one of my best matches that I’ve ever wrestled. He was a huge mentor for me during my career, and to be able to have a match with him and have it go over so well was really rewarding."

Bryan was then asked who his dream opponent at WrestleMania would be, to which he said:

"It would have to be Mr. WrestleMania himself, Shawn Michaels. The guy has not had a bad WrestleMania yet and I think we’d have a really entertaining match that fans could get behind. I also spent a lot of time under his wing, training and again, like with Regal, I think we’d put on a great match."

Click here to read the full interview.

  • Kash

    Without any doubts, HBK vs Bryan would be plain epic!

  • Chapel Of Ghouls

    Reading the whole interview, two key things I got from it. Firstly, he mentioned he could make Captain America tap. So, does that indicate he can make John Cena tap? I'm aware of Cena being compared to Superman, but that's a DC Comics character. What about Marvel? Secondly, he had a girlfriend? Boy, that woman must be unlucky now. She isn't dating the World Heavyweight Champion, the most outstanding wrestler in the world, the Giant Killer, and the next Mr. Wrestlemania (it could happen).

    • Matt Scott

      Hulk Hogan portrayed an onscreen Mr. America gimmick. Nothing to do with John Cena.

  • Copeland26

    The person before Regal was Ziggler, no doubt but I completely agree with everything Bryan just said!

  • drhaase

    Lordy would I mark out for HBK vs. DB….a wrestling clinic right there

    • Angus Wilson