Daniel Bryan Legitimately Injured At WWE Raw, Match Outcome Changed

Daniel Bryan was legitimately injured during his match against Randy Orton on this week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, according to Bryan Alvarez and the crew over at Wrestling Observer. Apparently the physician coming to ringside and the match being thrown was not a work as originally thought.

According to their report, Bryan was originally scheduled to go over but the referee stopped the bout due to a legitimate injury. The injury was later revealed as a stinger.

This makes a lot more sense given the questionable outcome.   It also explains Bryan's status for Smackdown being questioned and later cleared while WWE was still on the air.  The backstage bit where Bryan argued with Triple H over stopping the match was reportedly WWE booking on-the-fly.

Bryan will face WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose in a match for Smackdown that will be taped on Tuesday night.  We'll have full coverage here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

  • Nick

    I saw the ref, through up the ‘X’ i knew it wasn’t a work…

    • The way they throw around the “X” nowadays that doesn’t mean anything.

      • Maz

        What does the ‘x’ mean ??

        • Stevie Klaus

          its a signal to the back that there is a legit injury. Lately refs have been known to throw them even though they are probably working as opposed to a legit injury

  • Chris

    Randy’s reaction after seemed entirely out of character.

  • Scottyo614

    Randy gets a lot of heat for his past and getting pushes squashed among other things, but last night showed great respect towards his peer. Randy showed a lot of class going out and helping him up.

    • Stevie Klaus

      no doubt, especially seeing how he has had pushes squashed because of recklessness in the ring. I thought it was cool that he came over and helped out

    • kingjamsie

      He gave Rollins a nasty suplex on Sunday, stock is falling.

  • Leo

    Hey guys what’s a stinger?

    • Dave Barton

      Typically a sharp blow to either the head or tailbone, resulting in spinal compression that leads to temporary numbness/paralysis. They can be very scary when they happen because you don’t know if its going to be permanent. Paul Orndorff once delivered a pile driver in WCW in which *HE* received a stinger and just fell over to his side, unable to move on his own.

      • John

        A stinger is not a serious “injury” and it will heal on it’s own without any kind of treatment.. However continuing to work/play whilst suffering from a stinger can lead to serious injury so they obviously did the right thing stopping the match.

  • Lebron James

    I don’t understand what could’ve possibly made the physician stop the match like that. He didn’t have any visible injuries and he wasn’t acting out of the norm. The WWE can’t stop matches for “stingers”, those happen all the time. I feel like the stoppage slowed down Bryan’s momentum.

    • Richard

      It’s not like they stopped the match for a paper cut or leg cramp you twat……show a little compassion