Daniel Bryan Pulled From WWE Dates Due To Injury

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Daniel Bryan did not work Saturday night's WWE live event in Hammond, Indiana due to the concussion he suffered at last week's episode of Monday Night Raw. Bryan was also pulled from last week's Smackdown taping because of the injury.

Bryan remains officially advertised for Sunday's WWE live event in Kalamazoo, Michigan but it's unlikely he appears.

  • BIG M

    Richard best guess what’s Bryan’s chances of making it to Rumble.

    • It doesn’t look good now, however, no one will know for sure until after this week’s Raw. We should get a clearer picture then but he has to pass an Impact concussion test and be asymptomatic to get cleared.

      • BIG M

        Well it would suck if he wasn’t at least involved in the Rumble match.
        Otherwise he has built up all this momentum for a massive push (at least you have to think that) only for it to go to waste because of injury.

      • Padres4life

        i wonder if Vince and Triple H are pissed.

  • Patrick

    Concussions seem to be a tricky thing.. because he looked fine on RAW when he was going wild attacking Bray Wyatt. he didn’t look hurt.

  • David

    Hopefully he can still compete in the Rumble. That type of match is by far the easiest to play safe and if he’s kept to number 30 he’ll not need a great deal of time in there.

    I seriously hope this doesn’t effect his place as with his momentum not even a match with Michaels will compare to seeing Bryan holding the title at the end of WM.

  • Padres4life

    this doesn’t make sense to me..Brie Bella was out partying over the weekend and had her bachelorette party…if this is such a serious injury, then how come no one has talked about it on their website and his own fiancee doesn’t seem to care.

  • Mysterion

    Ask WNW. It’s a pretty popular feature. I’d suggest using that.