Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton & Batista Comment On Death Of Ultimate Warrior

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WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan Tweeted the following about the death of The Ultimate Warrior:

Randy Orton offered his condolences:

Batista Tweeted the following:

  • Craig (RIP Warrior)

    You have captured the imagination of fans worldwide. “Warrior” will forever be your legacy. Now you have to leave your body, but do not be afraid. In our eyes you are young, you are strong, and Ultimate. You have one more match Warrior! We have been waiting for you. The ring is set, the crowd is chanting your name and your music plays one more time.
    Owen, Pillman, and Bossman are waiting for you. Macho Man is calling for your help, while Andre wants the dream match. Paul Bearer is holding his urn while Doink is laughing and Davey Boy Smith and Eddie are smiling.
    So run down that isle for the last time and shake them ropes, cause it’s time for one more match!
    “Ladies and gentleman the following contest is scheduled for one fall………”
    All credit to Facebook page WWE Icons and the man who sent that BMAN

    • Tom Lee

      Thanks Craig …strong word…it’s make me cry

      • Andy Singh

        Possibly the best memorial on the ‘net


      That was AWESOME of you. I am sheddig tears as well

  • Matt

    Batista’s words were so special. How can you not like Dave after saying that? It shows a real side of the business which we get all too exposed to in tragic situations like this. I woke up this morning waiting for it not to be real.

  • kingdook24

    I figured that’s why Batista shook the ropes.