Daniel Bryan Returns To The Ring; Sheamus At Wrestlemania?, Nash In Pittsburgh, Snitsky Backstage, Ricardo Rodriguez On PPV

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- Daniel Bryan returned to the ring at Saturday night's WWE live event in Canton, Ohio where he went under to Bray Wyatt in a steel cage match. He'll work Bray in a singles match at Royal Rumble.

- Speaking of Bryan, the updated plans for Wrestlemania XXX do in fact have him in a program with Sheamus. The point to make headed into Royal Rumble is plans have Undertaker working Brock Lesnar and Bryan working Sheamus. Obviously that's subject to change but the first step towards Wrestlemania [and Wrestlemania storylines] begins on Sunday night.

- Kevin Nash is in Pittsburgh and is part of a Royal Rumble after-party that is not affiliated with WWE.

- Former WWE worker Gene Snitsky was backstage at Saturday night's WWE live event in Reading, PA.

- There are plans for Ricardo Rodriguez to work on the Spanish announce team at Royal Rumble.

  • Dustyn

    If Lesnar does face Undertaker at WM, I hope he’s not too rough. I’d hate to see something happen to Taker, that would not allow him to continue wrestling at future WrestleMania’s. I wonder how long the Bryan/Sheamus feud would go on for.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      Personally, I don’t want to see Undertaker V Lesnar know, I did when I first heard about it, but now I think it’s just been left too long.

  • JJ

    Not looking forward to the Bryan vs Sheamus feud, especially Bryan just coming out of a feud that could/should have been better with the wyatts.Lesnar vs Undertaker seems likea match set up with someone who can attempt to carry undertaker’s worn down body. Love the guy, but maybe it’s time to officially rest in peace; well at least from wrestling ha.

  • David

    The idea of another Shaemus and Bryan programme is very souring to me.

    I just can’t understand the WWE.

    The only time they seem to book for the future is when they are bringing in older established names. They seem to have issues with capitalising on true fan reactions and adapting a programme accordingly. Both the event earlier in the year with Ziggler winning the WHC and Daniel Bryan’s great fan gathering have limited effect on where they are heading/ have ended up.

    Instead we have the same established competitors being used at the top despite reactions that simply haven’t been that great.

  • Lebron James

    Who the hell is the guy who sets up matches? Lesnar vs Taker will be great, but Sheamus vs Bryan? Not a single person on gods green earth wants to watch that match. How hard is it to try something different? Maybe Cesaro vs Bryan?

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      Ah damn possible spoiler. Guess that means Sheamus might not win the Royal Rumble. Guess he’s gonna return a heel too.