Daniel Bryan Says NXT Was Disrespectful, Aching For More Serious Stuff

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Eurosport Turkey interviewed Daniel Bryan. While the interview was done in Turkish, you can view the highlights in English below:

About being trained by Shawn Michaels and William Regal:

"Being trained by Shawn Michaels and William Regal was a great opportunity. Not everyone gets this opportunity. Imagine what someone like Kaval would be if he was trained by HBK& Regal"

About comparing the indys and the WWE:

"I miss the intimacy of the fans in independent scene. They have their pluses and minuses but I can say I miss the fans there."

About NXT:

"NXT was disrespectful to wrestling in general. The entire show. When Undertaker debuted, he didn't have to climb ladders or carry kegs. I trained to be a wrestler for a long time, so let me go out and wrestle. If you have me go out and do these stupid contests, you make me look stupid and it's very difficult to make stars when you already made them look stupid on television"

About his "the future is bright for Bryan Danielson" promo on NXT:

"One of the things people don't know about NXT is that we were never told what to say, and we never knew the questions people were asking us. When the interviewer asked me "You were a big fish in a small pond and now you seemingly drowned in the sea that is the WWE", my response was "No, this character that you created for me, he's failed, because you created him to fail. But me, as a person, I'm better than this. I can go out and do, I can do what I'm doing right now, which is capturing the imagination of the crowd."

About the Justin Roberts incident:

"I did what I felt was natural, but I am not used to wrestle in a confined environment. WWE has to be very carful about being PG. I wasn't used to that at the time. I was an independent wrestler, Sometimes I would do things because it just felt right, and when it felt right, it wasn't right for the company."

About being a world champion:

"Being a world champion is cool, but you don't just wanna be the champion, you want to be the man, you wanna be the guy they rely on for everything. Even though I was the world champion, I never was the man. John Cena, even though he isn't the champion, he's the man, and that's what you aspire to be. At the and of the day, you wanna be the man"

About being in a tag team with Kane:

"I was able to do lots of comedy stuff on Pro Wrestling Guerilla and shows like that, it's been fun to do that to a wider audience. But now, I'm starting to feel like aching for the more serious stuff, being able to go out there and just wrestle. "

Click here to read the interview in its entirety.

  • Patrick

    I agree with Daniel Bryan I hated NXT during the early days. He is right When Undertaker debuted as well as other wrestlers they didn’t have to climb ladders or carry kegs and do stupid things they went out and wrestled.

    I’m glad WWE droped all that stuff from nXT and now just lets them wrestle.

  • Michael

    I totally agree with him nxt is a joke. If a guy has wrestled for 10+ years they’ve paid their dues. Personally didn’t know who Daniel was or any other wrestler from Roh however they paid their dues, allow them to go to fcw or whoever their next developmental is and then bring them up to the main roster. I stopped watching nxt after season one because of the reason Daniel stated the stupid things they had the wrestlers doing. I found myself asking what’s the reason for having a show claiming a next break out star when you hand pick who you want to win and you don’t let the wrestlers wrestle.

    • BlazeKing

      NXT *was* a joke. Far from it now.

  • David F.

    wish Daniel Bryan could use his real name and not his crap wwe name

    • Snap

      Yeah, it’s just too bad WWE is obsessed with owning everything they possibly can about the talent who sign a contract. Of course, they cannot own their real names, so they force them to adopt new identities. Or, at least, that’s the modern WWE practice.

      I don’t see how they could own “John Cena” or “Paul Heyman” or “Mick Foley” or even “CM Punk”, considering Punk had created his character long before he ever signed with WWE.