Daniel Bryan Set To Appear On Raw

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It was announced on this week's WWE Main Event that WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan will appear on next week's Monday Night Raw to respond to Stephanie McMahon's announcement about Money in the Bank.

You can read about Stephanie McMahon's announcement here.

  • Padres4life

    maybe he will mention that he won’t be able to compete and it’ll be a heart felt speech…..i have a feeling he won’t be able to go.

  • kingdook24

    Does ANYBODY know this man’s condition? I’m assuming they’ll pull a swerve and DB can go at MITB. Why else would they even book a possible gimmick match?

    And Stephanie’s comment about DB not defending the title within 30 days… how many title defenses did Dean Ambrose have as US Champion?


    • Jason

      The WWE World heavyweight championship is more than any other championship. a championship of this caliber needs to be defended within 30 days (including untelevised house shows) Dean Ambrose has defended on untelevised house shows even though his defenses wasnt televised.

  • Harlie Boucher

    The dude needs to just relax, but instead they keep having him run to all the TV events.