Has Daniel Bryan Spoken With CM Punk?, George Barrios Note, Conan Plays WWE 2K14

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- Daniel Bryan, running on two hours of sleep, did a lot of media for WWE in Detroit on Tuesday. In one of the appearances, he was asked about CM Punk and said he hadn't spoken to him since he left. As we've noted numerous times, Punk isn't talking, even to friends. This is why rumors began swirling Punk's departure was a work, which it is not. It has also caused for many in the WWE locker room to "turn on him."

- WWE announced that Chief Financial Officer George Barrios will participate in the 26th Annual Roth Conference in Newport Beach, California on Monday, March 10, 2014. You can read the official press release at this link.

- Conan O'Brien "reviews" WWE2K14 at this link.

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  • Venom

    Even if Daniel Bryan has spoken to CM Punk he wouldn’t admit it. By saying he hasn’t spoken to him it shuts everyone up. If he said yeah he talked to him it’ll start a series of questions on the topic.

  • Jason

    After this past Monday, it wouldn’t shock me if at this point it is all a work with CM Punk. I really hope it is because if it does turn out to be a work from that point forward, it will be one of the best WWE has ever pulled off, even to the point of getting the media to buy into him walking out.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    I’m not surprised they’re turning on him, I kinda have too.