Daniel Bryan Starring In Anti-Smoking Commercial

NYCastings is currently searching for someone to be in an anti-smoking commercial that will star Daniel Bryan. The plot is going to be centered around a WWE event where Daniel Bryan gives a shout-out to the fan, but he's nowhere to be found. You can see the description below:

This spot is very similar to the "cigarette-as-bully" PSA that is currently running. We find "Dave" being bullied by his cigarette by way of text message. He is attending a WWE match a super-fan of his idol Daniel Bryan. When Daniel gives a public shout-out to "Dave" in the audience he is no where to be found. The camera finds "Dave" alone in the parking lot bullied by his cigarette to go out and smoke missing what would have been the greatest moment of his life thus far.

They are searching for a male between the ages of 16-23. To find more information about this commercial and role, click here.

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