Why Vince McMahon Is Uneasy About Daniel Bryan Angle Heading Into SummerSlam, Directive Issued Regarding The Booking Of The Wyatt Family, Issues Involving The Shield & The Latest Backstage Chaos

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Not only has Vince McMahon issued a directive that The Wyatt Family is to remain in different hours of Monday Night Raw than The Shield due to both being three-men factions with similar "beat down" fashions, he's also told the creative team to keep them away from Daniel Bryan.

We're told Vince is "uneasy" that so much of the Daniel Bryan angle is revolving around his long beard when all three members of The Wyatt Family have beards just as impressive, if not more impressive.

Vince is questioning the logic of bringing in three new guys that have long beards as a distinct part of their look, when the company's new "top babyface" and so much of the top angle is being built around his "unique" beard.

According to a source, Vince is "annoyed at himself" for ending up in this situation. He's happy with the job the Wyatt Family is doing and doesn't want to mess with their look but he has made comments in creative meetings about why they have all these new bearded guys if the number one angle in the company right now and one of the top merchandise sellers revolves around Daniel Bryan's beard.

This begs the question, if Vince doesn't like the Wyatt Family being similar to The Shield or taking away from the uniqueness of Daniel Bryan's beard, why wasn't something done before they were brought to TV?

  • Xavier

    Sounds like Vince is losing his damn mind over something that means absolutely in the grand scheme of things. A beard, really Vince?

  • John

    I’m really hoping WWE swerves everyone at SummerSlam by having Vince McMahon help Daniel Bryan win the WWE title and turning him into the top heel.

    • Xavier

      That’s actually what I think will happen.

      • John

        Yeah i think either that will happen, or Triple H will screw Daniel Bryan.. Either way i feel like they are building towards something big.

      • I think it might actually end up being HHH that does the swerving and helps Daniel Bryan win the WWE Championship.

        • outkazt09

          Definitely. There has to be some type swerve. Its a babyface vs babyface, so someone has to turn heel in that match. Sure as hell ain’t gonna be Cena.

      • outkazt09

        I am kind of getting that feeling too. This “corporate” makeover thing and opposing Vinny reminded me of Austin vs Vinny angle.

        • Xavier

          True. I’m getting that whole Rock heel turn at Survivor Series type vibe for whatever reason. At first I thought that Bryan would beat Cena with some type of roll up only for Orton to cash in but now I don’t think Orton will cash in, they only interjected him into the storyline on RAW to only get fans to believe that will happen

          • f_caus

            I think you and I actually agree on something.

          • Xavier

            Lol. Oh man, that means it’s going to start snowing in LA

          • Ben

            I was starting to get that vibe too, but the way Orton walked out on Bryan and Cena during the Shield beatdown was so calculated, it felt the same way Punk walked out on Cena at Raw 1000. I’m starting to think the swerve won’t be Orton’s cash-in, but him cashing in at the behest of both Vince AND Triple H. Heck, they could even have Trips get involved somehow and take out both Cena and Bryan (which could actually prevent the need for a decisive finish). A Triple H heel turn would be more than enough swerve to make up for the predictable cash-in.

          • Simon Veitch

            Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing them give Bryan a solid push to show he’s more than capable of being champion. Have him beat Cena convincingly, no cheap roll up or dodgy finish crap. But have him fairly worn out afterwards, have Orton cash in on Bryan right away (due to Vince pushing him) but have Bryan manage to retain. This way Orton doesn’t lose too much credibility being pushed into it when he didn’t necessarily want to, while also solidifying Orton as heel since he cashed in on the new fan favourite right after dethroning Cena. Bryan comes out looking tough and credible managing to defy the odds and beat Cena as well as defeat Orton straight afterwards, and really builds him as a credible champion.

  • Chris

    I read the rumors of James Mitchell being brought in for the Wyatts, why not pull the trigger on that? Adding a manager to lead seperates them from The Shield (although the way Rowan and Harper look for Bray’s approval seperates then from The Shield.), he could be the mouth piece for Rowan and Harper, since Bray has been magic on the Mic. As for the beard, it’s just a beard.

    • T-Zone

      While I don’t know those rumors, I think James Mitchell is still managing Judas Mesias over in Puerto Rico.

  • Philip Thompson

    Why not just move the Wyatt family to Smackdown and keep The Shield and Daniel Bryan off Smackdown? I know the brand extension has ended but with all of their conspiracy theories and anti-authority ramblings the Wyatt family could come up with some sort of reason – I’d love it to be that Bray Wyatt’s dad is a producer on Raw – for the sake of the angle he wouldn’t be one on Smackdown – and his ‘dad’ is part of what made him the way he is because he was working for the IRS – as a corrupt agent as part of a corrupt system (from his perspective).

  • Patrick

    if he feels this uneasy about Daniel Bryan and the focus being on his beared then he has only himself to blame for making it a key issue. As it stands I have not felt good about Bryan winning as I did since the night Cena picked him. Vince’s negitiving is not what I wanted to see not to mention Vince talking about Bryan’s height and never having a short champion oh really? what about Mysterio?

    As much as i’m a fan of both Bryan and Cena and not likeing Vince being part of this feud……….I do hope and pick Bryan to win and I hope he turns heel.

    • Simon Veitch

      I haven’t checked for sure but wasn’t Rey world heavyweight champion? Not WWE champion?

      • he is officially recognized as a WWE champion when he won that tournament after CM Punk walked out with the WWE Championship before losing it the same night to Cena to set up the rematch at Summerslam when Punk Returned.

        • Simon Veitch

          Ahh yes you’re right, to be honest I totally forgot about that. Kinda wish that one didn’t count, but yeah, guess it’s one of those “What past storyline? There was no other story line!” moments from WWE

  • Jay El Bee

    I thought this was going to be about how the guy who is supposedly the most over guy in the company according to some people chases away TV viewers almost every single time he is on TV.

    • Simon Veitch

      And where do you pull that information from?

      • Jay El Bee


        This is one of the many segment by segment ratings that I have seen recently where Bryan’s segments either lose a bunch of viewers or stay about the same.

        • Simon Veitch

          Fair enough there, I guess one thing to consider also that it’s Summer in the states, and not everyone watches the show the entire way through, hell I have to stream it online here in Australia or fork out a heap for cable, Bryan isn’t the most “marketable” I guess is the best way to put it, person in the company, but crowd reactions to indeed speak for themselves, and regardless of the ratings, Bryan gets people in venues reacting.

          • Jay El Bee

            All I have to say is that if crowd reactions actually meant anything these days then Cena wouldn’t be the biggest draw in the company.