Daniel Bryan On How He Reached His Spot In WWE, The Royal Rumble Crowd & Pressure Surrounding WrestleMania

Daniel Bryan recently took part in an interview with Between The Ropes and discussed the crowd reaction at this year's Royal Rumble pay-per-view, his upcoming wedding, whether he feels like a top guy, and more. In the following excerpt, Bryan addresses how he got to where he is now:

Host: Has it been tough to win over the brass in WWE to get to the point you're at now, and saying, "Hey, look at the response. Look at where I am. I should be one of the main guys here"?

Bryan: It's interesting because I've never actually said that. I've never gone up to anybody and said, "Hey, look at what I'm doing. I should be a main guy here." I have always let my work speak for itself and I've always let the fan reaction speak for itself, and make it so they don't have a choice but to do what they do with me, right? And it's not me that's been pushing for me to get this opportunity. It's the fans that have been pushing for it, and them saying, "No, this is what what we want. We want this at WrestleMania," and WWE has to listen to them. That, to me, is pretty cool. People have so much more power than they think - not just in wrestling, just in the world in general. A lot of these buildings, we've got 14,000 people in those buildings, in comparison to a couple of people backstage who really run the WWE. And that's pretty much the ratio of people in the world and people in power, and we have a lot more power than we think, so it's pretty cool.

The interview is available at this link or embedded below:

  • Danny_Boy

    Daniel Bryan is quickly becoming a charity case wrestler like most of the other guys to come from Ring of Honor. WWE was 10x better before all these Indy guys showed up bringing over all their ignorant fan bases. I miss the days of the WWE pre-2006.

    • Scott Davies

      How is he a charity case for being the most over Wrestler in Wrestling right now? He got over with the fans & really its WWE’s fault for ignoring fans way too long. You winging over “indy guys” getting pushes. I bet you would watch Ric Flair in his prime. He was never a WWE made guy, Dusty Rhodes, RVD, Harley Race, DDP, Goldberg would all be charity cases is we are going by your theory.

    • BigMike

      Did you ever watch WWF in the 80’s? or any kind of wrestling? Vince took all the talent from the regional promotions and made the WWF GLOBAL. All the territories from the 80’s are not around anymore; they are now the “indy” promotions you are crying about. WWE is trying to look around the Indy for good people they can “mold” into what they view as “professional” …. IMO that is a mistake and should let them do more of what made them get noticed to begin with. Bryan, Punk, Rollins, Ambrose, Cesaro all were excellent in ROH and the Indy promotions you hate so much ….. Face it those Indy promotions you hate so much are now what the Territories were in the 80’s

    • GOR