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We all know that Punk is the better worker on the mic without a doubt. But between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, who do you think is the better in-ring worker? Or is there someone on the current roster to top them both?

I do not like to make lists because lists are easily debatable and often hinge on the situation; however, this is one rule I easily break for Daniel Bryan. Bryan, in my opinion, is the best in-ring worker in WWE and the second in the world next to Kurt Angle. CM Punk is certainly the better talker and no slouch in the ring himself but I don't think many people will doubt Daniel Bryan's in-ring talent. Alex Barie used his platform on TNANews.com to detail a fantasy match between Angle and Bryan at this link.

Will Brock Lesnar ever be WWE Champion again or is it in his new contract?

We heard one of the perks of Brock Lesnar's new two-year agreement following Wrestlemania 29 that a title reign was in there. I don't know how flexible this is and will caution plans are always subject to change. However, this is what we heard when Brock signed a contract extension.

What match are you mostly looking forward to see at Wrestlemania?

I would be lying to you if I wrote that there was one match that I was just "dying to see" at this year's Wrestlemania. The fact of the matter is two out of the three main events have been done in the past year and CM Punk and Undertaker are both less than 100%. My focus will be on the outcomes of each as well as how Fandango takes advantage of the opportunity against Chris Jericho. The Shield have proved they can work on the big stage, expect them to be in overdrove at Wrestlemania.

What is Sin Cara's status backstage nowadays?

Sin Cara is currently out after suffering a concussion. I'm sure he is frustrated and I'm sure WWE is frustrated. He came to the company from Mexico with huge expectations and so far, it just hasn't worked out. Cara disappointed many with his Wellness violation a couple years ago and hasn't been able to stay healthy.

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  • spuddyz

    Wrestlemania XXIX Card:
    BROCK vs. HHH
    ROCK vs. CENA

    • George Waldman

      I agree 100% about this. In fact, if I were booking this year’s WM, I’d have those 3 matches as the only matches on the card and tell everybody they are going to go for an hour each.

  • jdl

    Angle better than Bryan? Maybe all around if you include promos and size, but Bryan could out wrestle Angle at any point in his career. Not ragging on Angle, but Bryan is a better technical wrestler and has far more imagination than Angle ever did in the ring. Just watch his indie and RoH work, he does things Angle couldn’t even dream of. Especially the broken down wreck in TNA.

    • StraightEdgeForLife

      Maybe one day we will get to see a triple threat match between Daniel Bryan, Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit…

      • StraightEdgeForLife

        I think Benoit would KILL them in that match!!

    • No no no if both were in roh angle would out wrestle bryan and im saying that someone whos watched every single bryan danielson match to date.

  • Ian P.

    Why didn’t they just keep the mask on Hunico? And where has he been?

    • Ricky

      I think Hunico is recovering from Knee Surgery. I agree that Hunico would have been the better choice for “Sin Cara”. Sin Cara really needed to go through Developmental to get used to the WWE Style. I mean even guys like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk went to developmental first.

    • Matt

      Had a serious leg injury.

  • Matt

    I love watching guys go into overdrove mode. Seriously, proof read please!

    • JohnnyC

      What is this? Sescoops?

    • Xavier

      Quit being an ass, you know what he meant. This is a wrestling site, not an English class.

      • Matt

        Sorry for thinking a PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST would have some spelling ability. And one questions the hypocrisy in insulting someone and thinking you’re the good guy. At the end of the day, wrestling site or not, if you saw constant errors in a national newspaper you’d be disheartened so why is the Internet an acceptable medium for sloppiness?

  • DB has become sluggish in the ring. I never thought of him as being so much better than other guys on the roster. If we take the total package — moveset, selling abilty, story telling, charisma, move execution — Randy Orton is the best.

  • The dream match of all dream matches we’ll never see as far as technical wrestling is concerned would be Daniel Bryan vs Chris Benoit! Damn it Chris! Why did you have to kill yourself? I’m sure Johnny Cockrin would’ve taken your case! Damn it!

    • StraightEdgeForLife

      I already made the Chris Benoit reference before you 🙂 Sorrrrrry 🙂

      • Whatever floats your boat fella…once again my comment gets dumped to the bottom. Lol gotto “love” the powers that be from this site. When they got a grudge against ya get outta the way!

        • StraightEdgeForLife

          Lol what did you do to piss them off?

  • matthew

    Bryan is a better wrestler than anyone other than angle like you said but i really think Dolph Ziggler is making a run for those top two spots!

  • coolkdd1

    One idea 4 brock to be champion is if in that contract that hhh signed was whoever won between rock or cena would defend their title against him immediaely and brock wins.

  • Daniel t

    @Richard if benoit was still alive, would still be a Daniel Bryan in the wwe?