Daniel Bryan's Future In WWE Revealed; Details On A Former TNA Talent That Has No Intentions Of Re-Signing Like Velvet Sky & Others Despite The WWE Hiring Freeze

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- We're told Vince McMahon remains high up on Daniel Bryan and him having another credible singles run is inevitable. As soon as company officials feel Team Hell No has ran its course, it's likely Bryan and Kane will work one another.

- Alex Shelley has no intention of re-signing with TNA Wrestling as other former talents have done because of the hiring freeze in WWE. Shelley is in a situation now where he is working independent dates and waiting for his real life best friend and tag team partner Chris Sabin (torn ACL) to get healthy. Once Sabin is healthy, Shelley is hopeful there will be opportunities for them.

  • If WWE and Austin can’t come to terms for Wrestlemania I would love to see a babyface Bryan work a match against heel CM Punk, give them 20-25 mins to go out and tear the house down!

  • Boogie

    Daniel Bryan doesn’t deserve it. Give it to some one loyal like santino or kahli

    • GODSENT68

      I see what you did there, funny

  • Cody Zeller

    I don’t really think Daniel Bryan is all that great. CM Punk is leaps and bounds ahead of him and I can’t see Bryan ever getting to that level. I agree with the poster that said Santino deserves the push.

  • jomo12

    Really? Really? Really? I’m all for Daniel Bryan getting another legit singles run after Team Hell No breaks up, but why have him and Kane work each other…again? We already saw this program last year. I mean for just the sake of making the break up look natural that’s fine, but there is no reason it should last longer than one PPV.

  • thebops

    I’m down with D-Bri getting another run, but don’t think working against Kane is necessary to break them up.

    I’d prefer to see them continue to argue after the break-up, but not be enemies. WWE would be wasting filler opportunities with random segments and run-ins.

  • proud

    I would rather just see them lose their titles and go into singles whilst they both support each other during matches and it gives us more chance to see their great comedic prowess.

    They would still be able to sell merchandise and keep fans happy!