Daniel Bryan To Anger Management, Kaitlyn The New Number One Contender, Social Media Ambassador For Next Week's WWE Raw

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- WWE will do an angle with Daniel Bryan on next week's Raw where he goes to anger management classes. AJ hyped "sending" Bryan to anger management here on Twitter.

- For those that missed it on this week's WWE Raw, Kaitlyn is the new number one contender for the WWE Divas Championship.

- Next week's "social media ambassador" for WWE Raw has been announced as Dominic Monaghan. Monaghan has a starring role in the upcoming WWE Studios film "The Day."

  • Joe

    Layla vs. kaitlyn? Really? Trish we need you

  • Y2Jay

    im sorry this social media ambassador thing is really really boring

    • dtoole

      It’s got boring after the first week smh

    • Adam

      I agree the social media ambassador is pointless but it's better then the special guest GM

    • Ron

      No guys stop it it’s better then having them there as guest host a screwing up the show god you fans complain about everything

  • Chapinb0yy

    My baby kaitlyn is number one contender. Wohoo 😀

  • Daniel

    The anger management classes should be funny if they’re anything like the therapy sessions he had.

  • Bob Backlund

    Bryan had a war of words with Charlie Sheen a few weeks ago. It was seemingly dropped, but now Bryan has to go to anger management classes. Charlie Sheen’s TV show is Anger Management. What are the odds Charlie Sheen is back?

    • TheVoid

      I seriously thought it was gonna be Bryan v Sheen at Summerslam tbh. I think they're dropping Sheen for whatever reason.

  • Blake

    Remember can is his therapist

    • Blake

      I mean Kane

  • Silver

    It really seems like they are just passing the Divas title around until they find a Diva who the crowd will latch onto. Problem is that characters need to be pushed and supported to help get them over unless you do something really out there like Ryder did, although look where he is now.

    Also, the social media ambassador thing is seven kinds of retarded. However, I didn't mind the guest host bit when it was done right. Hugh Jackman did a fantastic job, he was enthusiastic, involved and managed to plug his movie without insulting the fans' intelligence.

  • Joe

    I like kaitlyn she has great potential

  • Adam

    Kaitlyn is my favourite diva. So pleased she has a title shot!