Daniel Bryan Undergoes Successful Neck Surgery

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan underwent successful surgery on Thursday to repair a neck injury.

According to an update posted by WWE.com, Bryan underwent a procedure known as a cervical foraminotomy to decompress the nerve root. The surgery was performed by Dr. Joseph Maroon in Pittsburgh, PA.

A timetable for Bryan's return to the ring is currently unavailable, however, WWE reports he is out of surgery and doing well, with strength already returning to his hands.

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The company will make an announcement, intertwined with storylines, regarding the future of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on next week's episode of Monday Night Raw in London, England.

  • Mandy

    I’m glad the surgery was a success, wishing him a speedy recovery

  • Patrick

    I wish him a speedy recovery.

  • Andrew Dunn

    I am very happy that Daniel Bryan had a successful surgery. I hope they don’t strip him of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.