Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk, Swagger’s Return, They’re Coming, Tension In AJ Lee/Ziggler

Given their current status in the company and where they are at in their careers, I can't help but believe Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are the future of the WWE. With that being said, I would love to see a rivalry with these two develop a rivalry to the degree of a Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels or Steve Austin and The Rock. Based on their in-ring chemistry together, could see this being the next big rivalry in the WWE down the road?

Daniel Bryan and CM Punk had a program this time last year with singles matches at Over the Limit and Money in the Bank and a triple-threat (also involving Kane) at No Way Out. The programs featured outstanding in-ring work and were basically a "dream come true" for many in the IWC. WWE could always revisit it but there are a lot of match-ups people want to see involving CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. It's safe to say both Punk and Bryan are in their primes and key pieces of the company moving forward.

Is there a reason Jack Swagger hasn't been fired yet? If I, and I venture the majority of the people who watch WWE, were convicted of DWI and admitted to started smoking marijuana BEFORE WE LEFT WORK, our employer would fire us and have just cause to do so.

WWE has been very quiet regarding the recent legal troubles of Jack Swagger, issuing a brief statement after his arrest that said Swagger is responsible for his own personal actions. I'm most surprised about it being learned that Swagger admitted to smoking marijuana prior to leaving the Smackdown taping in February. I thought that would at least prompt a statement from WWE but it did not. I'm going to push back a little bit on the "fired yet" remark. While I do not condone Swagger's actions, it makes me uneasy how people are so quick to call for his job. He messed up bad but I don't think it should be a foregone conclusion that he should lose his job.

Are you excited about the debut of The Wyatt Family?

I am highly anticipating the debut of Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper, known collectively as The Wyatt Family. Learn these names because WWE expects them to be a "big deal" very early on, which became even more evident with the vignette that closed this week's Monday Night Raw. Wyatt was formerly on WWE TV as Husky Harris but will be a much bigger deal under the new gimmick. He's received high marks in developmental over the past couple of years and is primed for a great spot in WWE. Let's also not forget Luke Harper is the former Brodie Lee from Dragon Gate USA.

Dolph Ziggler is obviously a babyface, while AJ Lee and Big E Langston are still heels. Are they still a stable? What is WWE doing with that?

Yes, Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee and Big E Langston tare still a stable but one in which WWE is creating an internal tension in as a result of the Ziggler babyface turn. Dolph told AJ in a backstage segment on the WWE App during Monday Night Raw that she should stop picking on Kaitlyn because she was already the Divas champion.

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    Question: How high was Jack Swagger when he kicked Dolph Ziggler upside his head like that?

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    Im a CM Punk fan but i’m not afraid to say that he was in his prime from 2011-2012. Daniel Bryan however is in his prime now.

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      It’s not just because of marijuana. Swagger should be fired because he can’t get over and really hasn’t done anything impressive as a worker. The guy went on an ego trip after his first world title reign and screwed up all of what, two days after being given his second main event push? Forget personal opinions about marijuana; it IS illegal, it HAS gotten other workers suspended, and Swagger got himself arrested for driving around smoking it. Why in the world would they waste money on a guy who doesn’t get over and seems to be nothing but trouble when given a push? Randy Orton might be a problem child, but at least he gets over and draws… Swagger doesn’t.

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