Daniel Bryan Wants To Face CM Punk At WrestleMania XXIX, Discusses His MMA Training, More

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ChicagoNow.com has a new interview up with Daniel Bryan. In the interview, he discusses his mixed martial arts training, whether he would want to pursue MMA professionally, why wrestling has waned in popularity, the popularity of "Yes" chants, his infamous 18-sec0nd WrestleMania match with Sheamus, and more.

In the following excerpt, Bryan explains how MMA training has affected his work as a wrestler:

I feel that it’s very important because pro wrestling needs to evolve. What people bought in the 80’s and 90’s don’t necessarily buy it today. There’s a big difference the way I throw a kick and the rest of the roster throws one. I don’t think the fans can necessarily identify the difference, but they can tell the difference. I think my training has really helped me in that aspect of mixing in the real legit kicks. My wrestling style has always been tight and my MMA training has helped me incorporate that in the ring.

Bryan was then asked who he'd like to face at next year's WrestleMania, to which he replied:

I would think it would be really cool and how both are careers have gone, it would be CM Punk. I think that would be a major important match and be awesome to go out there in front of 70,000 people and show them what we can do. Both of us wrestled in front of 35 people so having that kind of crowd in front of us would be amazing.

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Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Fernando for sending in the article.

  • Jamie

    hearing him say that he would like a match again CM Punk has got my interest, I wouldn't mind seeing that.

    • Michael

      Throw Dolph Ziggler in the mix. Can you imagine a triple threat match with them three? That would have money and show stealer written all over it.

  • Michael

    YES! YES! YES!

  • The Breaker

    I would love to see Punk and Bryan just flat out go for 30 minutes at 'Mania one year. Their chemistry is amazing. It would steal the show, no matter how stacked the rest of the card is.

  • Robert olley

    Both the matches they’ve had on raw and smackdown and the matches in the Indies are all top notch card stealers

  • Luke

    Yes yes yes

  • Vince

    If this happens my dream match would happen my first was punk v y2j

  • Mojo

    Iron Man match. Oh please, oh please…

  • Paul

    As long as it isn’t 18 seconds then yeah sounds epic

  • That would be amazing.

  • Brandon

    Just give them 30 minutes instead of 30 seconds with no stupid records to be broken this time then I'm cool with it. YES! YES! YES!

    • Double reversing…

      What Bryan thinks he’s that good to move right by “Funk-a-saurs”?

  • Noah


  • Kleck

    D-Bry vs CM Punk vs Austin

  • Arav

    d-bry vs punk vs ziggler. make it happen wwe

  • Rachell Orton

    No I think next year at WM 29 it should be CM Punk vs Stone Col now that would be a match you wanna see.