Daniel Bryan Written Off TV, Latest Update On Neck Surgery

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Below is the angle that was used to write WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan off television:

Demon Kane reveals what he's done to Daniel Bryan:

Daniel Bryan is rushed to a medical facility:

Bryan has a legitimate neck injury and will undergo surgery on Thursday. The status of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship remains in question, however, the word making rounds at Raw on Monday afternoon was that Bryan's procedure will be minimally invasive. While he is expected out, I was under the impression it would be a matter of "weeks" and not "months."

  • Santa

    I wonder if he will be stripped of the tittle.

    • thepowerserge

      I don’t know about striped, but I’d bet they’ll be taking the title off him. Figures.

      • Michael Rubin

        he is legit injured its not because hes not drawing

  • Patrick

    I hope they do not take the title off him.

  • Justin Perreault

    The good thing that it’s not because he isn’t drawing. I am just fearful we are gonna get another boring Orton ru . I wouldn’t be against them “giving” the title to Kane as a job well done only to have him lose it at Money in the Bank to the money in the bank winner.