Daniel Bryan's Father Passes Away

WWE.com announced that Daniel Bryan's father passed away. Despite this horrible news, Bryan will still be performing on Raw this week.

From WWE.com:

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan's (Bryan Danielson's) father has unexpectedly passed away. Bryan was made aware of his father's passing after returning from his honeymoon with Brie Bella. Despite the news, Bryan has insisted on performing for the WWE Universe tonight (April 21) and will be on Raw. WWE extends our deepest condolences to Bryan and his family.

We here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com send our condolences to the entire Danielson family.

  • Bryan N.

    My thoughts and prayers are with his family. What an awful way to return after a wonderful honeymoon 🙁

    • I agree. Very sad cap off to a wedding. I hope his father was at least at their wedding.

      • David F

        Condolences to Brian Danielson and his entire family. Now it makes sense why WWE had Kane carry the segment with beatdown so Bryan didnt have to do to much tonight.

  • ron

    Godspeed and prayers for the whole family. Just went thru the unexpected passing of my father 2 or so months ago and myself and the family is still upside down from it

    • Lebron James

      My father passed away exactly one month ago. Condolences to you as well as Daniel Bryan and his family. The pain is unimaginable, I don’t know how he managed to show up at RAW and perform. Major respect to him for that. I hope he finds the strength to cope with his loss.

  • Patrick

    condolences to his family.

  • jman72485

    So sorry to hear that. My prayers go out to Bryan and his family…

  • Poor DB! This has been a bad month all around for death. I understand his need to “get on with it.” The highest high to the lowest low in a week. Wow…

  • No one would blame Bryan for not being at Raw tonight, but ever the consummate professional, it’s said he will be there. I honestly cannot imagine how he’s doing it.

    What an emotional rollercoaster of a couple weeks for Bryan and his family. All our hearts and best wishes go out to him and his family.

  • LML2323

    Prayers with DBry and his family.

  • Dustyn

    Condolences to the family. At-least his father had the chance to see his son win the biggest match of his career, as well as get married. Bryan committing to appearing tonight does show what a professional he really is.

  • sam

    Just absolutely horrible. Riding such a high the last few weeks (Winning at Wrestlemania.. getting married). Anyone who had anything slick to say go kill yourself.

  • UnderDeanAmbrose’sSpell

    My heart goes out to Daniel Bryan and his family.

  • Harlie Boucher

    Such crappy news to receive right after coming back from your honeymoon. Of course, it’s bad news to receive it at any time.

  • Xavier

    That’s very unfortunate news. I wouldn’t blame Bryan at all if he decided to sit this RAW out

  • Mandy

    Such heartbreaking news to return to from his honeymoon. No one would blame him if he didn’t appear on RAW tonight but he’s a professional. My condolences go out to Bryan and his family.

  • Zack

    Poor guy. I hate to hear news like this. I am glad his father got to see him marry the love of his life and fulfill his dreams at WM30. Still my thoughts are with him and his family.

  • ThatGuy99

    Jeez. That’s horrible. Now I understand why they had Kane attack him right as the show started so he could go be with his family.

    My condolences to Daniel Bryan and his family.

  • Padres4life

    his father didn’t make the wedding which is sad…..:( I’m glad they had Brie out there doing Yes with him, she did it just in case he couldn’t and broke down.

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    I lost my Dad due to a wreck he and my Mom were in. Not long after we lost my Mom. I don’t care how old you are it’s a hurt I can not describe. Your never to old to loose your parents. Daniel being there on RAW shows what a professional he is and how worthy he is to hold his title. Daniel is the one to carry WWE into the future. My heart and prayers go out to him and his family. For WWE to allow Brie to come out with him earns a lot of respect from me. Maybe they finally appreciate him.