Daniel Bryan's Future In Question, WWE Warehouse, Darren Young & Gay Celebrities, Post-Match MITB Interviews

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- The top story from Sunday's Money in the Bank pay-per-view is the status of Daniel Bryan. His promo on the Kickoff was legitimate as he has not regained the strength in his arm and doctors are considering a second surgery. Bryan is without a timetable for his return and will likely be out the rest of the year if that is indeed the case.

- The latest episode of WWE Warehouse is subtitled WWE's patriotic past and is online at this link or embedded in the video below:

- Men's Health has a new article online on gay celebrities that features injured WWE star Darren Young. Click here to read it.

- WWE posted the following post-match Money in the Bank interviews on their YouTube channel:

The Usos celebrate a successful WWE Tag Team Title defense:

Paige proves them wrong:

A lesson from the NEW Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins:

Stardust and Goldust's bizarre interview:

  • David F

    Hopefully Bryan will be ready in time for Wrestlemania 31. Huge Blow for WWE that he will not recover in time for fall to help with ratings in NFL season. He was still super over last night. If he is healthy for WM 31 I would do him v Lesnar for the title and have Bryan go over

    • Danny_Boy

      Bryan is done dude. He can’t keep up and this injury proves it. No way does he deservve to go over Brock

      • Snap

        I think it’s too early to be saying Bryan is “done” as only Bryan and his doctors can make that call. It’s a serious injury, no doubt, but the futures of Triple H and Edge were called into question after injuries to their quad and Achilles tendon, respectively. Hell, even Steve Austin’s career was in question after the botched piledriver he suffered in his match with Owen Hart.

        Time will tell, but the best thing for Bryan is to take the time to heal and then we will find out whether his career is over or not. It’s a very real possibility, considering Edge;s career was cut short by a neck injury.

  • John

    If John Cena had vacated the WWE Championship due to a serious injury i wonder if his first appearance back in a WWE ring would have been on a PPV pre-show?! Surely WWE could’ve had Bryan appear on RAW with 5 million people watching no?

    • J Vomkrieg

      They wanted to bring people to the Network is my guess.